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10 Greatest World Cup dives of all time

The most interesting part about watching a world cup is the amazing dives of international players. In the history of Football, FIFA has organized many World cups. Some of them are known for the records they made and the teams that played in the World Cup. In a class between two countries one country generally emerges victorious. But the winning country becomes more popular when their players make it memorable by doing some glorious things. Those glorious moments also include some greatest dives. There are many players who have registered their name and history due to their greatest dives of all time in the world cup. We are here with 10 of the greatest dives of all time in Football.Jurgen-Klinsmann Dive

1. Jurgen Klinsmann – World Cup 1990

Back in 1990 FIFA organized the world cup between Germany and Argentina. Germany emerged victorious and got its third world cup. But the only person behind this achievement of Germany is Jurgen Klinsmann. Before becoming the USA’s coach, he played football for Germany. He was a first class diver who led to the victory of Germany against Argentina in the World Cup 1990.

Jurgen’s dive and acrobatic antics defeated the Argentina defender Pedro Monzon and the Argentina team was reduced to 10 members. Germany kept on winning in the finals that was made possible only by Jurgen Klinsmann.Rivaldo Dive

2. Rivaldo – 2002

In 2002 Brazil and Turkey played against each other to win the World Cup. In this world cup Rivaldo played for Brazil. As we already know, Brazilian footballers are the greatest of all. He was taking his time with a corner kick but Turkish Hakan Unsal couldn’t stay patient and kicked the ball on his legs.

Rivaldo reacted naturally and took his hands to his face and covered it and collapsed in obvious aggression. Turkish Hakan was already on a yellow and got a red by the referee after this. Later, when FiFA watched the tape and panelized him with an amount of $9600.

3. Fabio Grosso – 2006

The world cup of 2006 was between Italy and Australia. Italian footballer Fabio Grosso is popular for his diving and Italy fans are always gonna remember him. In the knockout stage, while playing against Australia, Italy was reduced to 10 players as Marco Materazzi was sent off.

The score was 0-0. Fabio Grosso made his way to the penalty area and was thrown over Australian defender Lucas Nell. It won a penalty for Italy and moved on to the next round. Italy made it and won the world cup.

4. Arjen Robben – 2014

Arjen Robben played for Mexico against The Netherlands in 2014. The round of 16 between Netherlands and Mexico went into extra time because the Dutch dribbled his way into the penalty area and Mexico defender Rafa Marquez brought his leg in front of him. He missed the Ball but did not lose the man.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Arjen Robben added a little extra relish on his way down. The referee had to be convinced to change the penalty which resulted in Dutch’s reduced score.

5. Diego Simeone- 1998

The 1998 World Cup was between Argentina and England. Argentine Diego Simeone proved lucky for Argentina. David Beckham was the England’s defender who, knocking to the turf, retaliated by kicking out at Diego. Diego took the advantage and plumbed to the earth. Referee gave Beckham a red card and sent him off. England got unlucky and lost the match and was terminated from the tournament.

6. Michael Owen – England vs Argentina

Here is another greatest dive from the 1998 World Cup. Even though England lost the match, it ensured that the greatest dive was done by an Englishman. In the 1998 World Cup team of England, The Three Lions were about to lose to Argentina. But the England striker, Michael Owen did not let it happen.

He threw himself to the pitch, rolled on his only one knee and let his arms fly in the sky. His dive proved beneficial as England was awarded a penalty. Alan Shearer converted it to tie the match with a score 1-1.

7. Daniel de Rossi- 2010

Italy and Paraguay played against each other to win the World Cup of 2010. Italian fielder Daniel was one of the greatest divers. He executed a flop against Paraguay. He often gets major points to sell out his dive as if he was just struck by a Sniper’s bullet. But the referee didn’t take it and Daniel lost points. The points made their way to Paraguay. Few people do not appreciate the dive of Daniel only because he couldn’t earn the points.

8. Christiano Ronaldo – 2006

Talking about football’s best players and forgetting Ronaldo? This is not possible. Ronaldo is the most popular and talented footballer in the world. He is known for his ability to out dive, shootout and outrun his opponents. Playing against France, Ronaldo tried to head the ball but missed the connection.

He followed through and knocked to the turf by taking a flying leap. The France coach, Raymond Domenech was also there.

9. Luis Suarez – Uruguay vs Argentina

Argentina attempted to win the World Cup against Uruguay in 2013. The Uruguay striker was a world class trained diver before gaining popularity for biting people. This was not technically a world cup match but Luis’s greatest dive was against Argentina in October, 2013.

10. Fernando Torres – 2010

There is no lack of glorious moments for Spain which ultimately led him to win the World Cup. Spain played against Chile in South Africa. One of the greatest dives occurred in this world cup. In a group clash between Chile and Spain, Torres was not even near the ball. But he threw himself against the ground without making any contact with Marco Estrada who was marking him.

Marco Estrada was already on a yellow and got a second yellow from the referee and was terminated from the match with a red. Spain managed to win the World Cup and the most amazing part is that Torres did not make any goal.

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