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20 Funny Fantasy Football Names to Inspire

At the beginning of every season each team shifts its focus on giving a new name to its team that could be fun, Fantasy and inspirational for others. It can also be a big help to you if you are looking to give a unique name to your squad. Each year the same things happen but with a new enthusiasm. Players come up with new and clever pans that are shared publicly by their managers in order to entertain and inspire others. So if you are looking for ideas to let your creative juice flow, you have come to the right place. And in this article we will introduce you to 20 funny fantasy football names that are the best examples of puns. Football premier League executives have proposed so many puns throughout the various mediums such as music, television, movies, even foods, travel and much more.Funny

1. Aaron Wan – Bissaka Nile

A traditional and classic play with the score 1-0 gets the first place in the list and it has a quite suitable name for Manchester United right back. It is uncomplicated but very effective.

2. Uptown Funk

Let’s move on to the music now. The superhit song of Bruno Mars written by him and Mark Ronson goes well with Brighton defender Lewis Dunk and the name suits him perfectly.

3. You Tierney Is Everything

Fans of Arsenal football club taking inspiration from the classical song of the 1970s named ‘You To me are everything’ took advantage of the opportunity to make a pun of the name of the team’s left back.

4. Stranger Mings

Giving a hint by informing you that after a series of music references the game turns to television now. Didn’t get it yet? The football team was named Stranger Mings after a widely famous supernatural tv show ‘Stranger Things.’ In addition, it also applies to Danny Ing’s name.

5. Thomas The Frank Engine

Well, this creativity deserves a 10/10. It is about when the fans of Brentford football club wanted to show respect to their manager and chose a clever and hilarious way to do so. To pay respect, the fans played a game of word involving the name of world popular children’s train.

6. That’s So Craven

Another name derived from television with the flavor of children’s favorite. People who watch the Disney channel and are familiar with the show Futham can connect with the pun related to the stadium.

7. Dumb And Dumett

Who knew that one of Jim Carrey’s superhit movies would turn into a comic name for Newcastle fans. Well, this accomplishment would make Jim Carrey proud himself.

8. The Ward-Prouse, The Lion, And The Witch

I may not be sure about if it falls into the character limit or not but there is absolutely good news for the fans of Saint. Saint fans are thankful to the film Chronicles of Narnia for giving such an amazing name.

9. Neville Wears Prada

Though the sky sports legend Gary Neville retired a long time ago, he hasn’t taken leave from FPL in every aspect. Even though there is no specified link between Neville and fashion, Anne Hathaway’s movie provides a pun.

10. Ake Breaky Heart

Well, it’s been a long ride to names rooted in the history of movies. Shifting back to music, football team managers got some efficient names that suited them perfectly. Here, For this cracking humorous team title, the credit goes to Billy Cyrus classic.

11. Blame It On The Brucey

A pun on the Newcastle manager, Steve Bruce. The great Newcastle manager is no longer in the Premier League but team fans still don’t want to blame it on sunlight, moonlight but blame it on the Brucey.

12. Schmeichel Jackson

Resuming the Jackson 5 theme, the singer’s name provides the pun on goalkeeper. You are free to choose in honor of whom you want to consider it- Peter or Kasper.

13. Don’t Look Back Tanganga

A cracking team title for Tottenham Hotspur managers successfully invented out of the former number 1 and Oasis classic.

14. Maguire, Wind and Earth

Here comes the fantastic and dashing singers of ‘Let’s groove’ and ‘September’. When it comes to the taste of choosing a funny fantasy team title, Red Devils fans have the worst taste ever. 

15. Rice, Rice, Baby

Imagine how funny it would have looked when Declan Rice sang the ICE ICE BABY. If you remember, there was a viral video of Declan Rice singing the same song on Twitter giving a new twist to Vanilla Ice Tune. This became one of the most popular funny fantasy music puns.

16. Bowen Arrow

How can we forget Jarrod Bowen’s 12 and final goal of the 2021/22 Premier league. What a fantastic season it was. To pay tribute to the West Ham winger, FPL ended up providing him with this comedy pun.

17. Hanging by a Fred

Ringing alarm for Manchester United fans. In 2018 Manchester United announced the signing of Fred while the Team’s supporters will hope for this name not to be their top fours.

18. Werner’s Originals

Back to the time when Chelsea fans purchased chocolates in honour of the German attacker in order to show their respect. This departure from the never ending fantasy teams of the Premier league is refreshing.

19. Below The Norm Liege

Many of the football team managers ignored England’s toplights in a rush to pursue good chuckles. The Belgian team winning 10 titles of champion continuously in a row reflects the fact that many of the teams end up competing in the football Premier league.

20. What The Hell is Going On

Here we conclude this list with a tribute to the followers of Diogo Jota and Liverpool. This is the same thing that comes to mind of many of the football managers in the first place when they have to select their team. 


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