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5 Highest Paid Football Manager in the World 2022

There is no doubt that football is the biggest sport in the world of all time. A lot of money has been invested in football as there are some of the most expensive football clubs are in existence. They are some of the highest paid and richest football players in the world who are an asset to these football clubs. Similarly, as the profits of clubs increase, the salary of their managers also increases. Regardless of the clubs they belong to, we have curated 5 highest paid football manager in the world 2022. 

Some people don’t take managers seriously as they don’t know their significance. The reason behind every team’s success is the one person that is the manager. He plays a significant role in the performance of the team in the field, its strategies to play and the roles of every participant in the team. He trains players of the team and ensures the team work. He motivates players to play better and improve their skills.Manager

Even though managers do not get paid more than coaches, there are some managers who earn more than several coaches in the world. Some of the most successful managers make a remarkable amount of money and are considered the highest paid managers in the world.

1. Pep Guardiola

Making place in several lists, now Pep Guardiola secured 1st rank in this list as well and became the highest paid manager in the world and in the Premier League. Under him, Barcelona became the winner of the champions league twice. Apart from this he has also won three titles with Bayern Munich, 3 more with Barcelona and 3 more premier League titles with Manchester City.

Well, he is currently working for Manchester City and paid an enormous amount for his efforts and accomplishments. He gets an estimated amount of €27 million per year. 

2. Antonio Conte

Currently, Antonio Conte is managing Tottenham Hotspur. Former Chelsea manager became one of the highest paid managers in Serie A when he joined Inter Milan two seasons ago. He is also listed as one of the richest coaches in the world with an estimated net worth of €30 million. He has been working with Super sports stars such as Harry Kane. Apart from Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur, he has managed Juventus in the past as well and won scudetto for the club. The Italian manager earns around 15.6 million every year.  

3. Diego Simeone

It may be surprising for a lot of people to see Diego Simeone in the list of highest paid managers in the world. But it is completely true that the 50 years old manager has been managing Atletico Madrid since 2011 when he took over. He has also managed River Plate and now he is earning twice as much as his colleague Carlo Ancelotti. He earns an estimated amount of €15 million per year. But don’t confuse it with his net worth. He is also one of the highest paid coaches and his estimated net worth is €40.5 million. He has a success rate of 60% with Atletico Madrid as well. Somewhere in the middle, he is considered the actual reason behind the resurgence of Atletico Madrid in the Spanish League and Europe.

4. Jose Mourinho

Known as the arch-rival of Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho has ranked 4th in the list as one of the highest paid football manager in the world. As compared to other highest paid managers, he gets a good enough sum of money through sponsorships. He is currently the manager of AS Roma since he took over in May 2021 after leaving Tottenham Hotspur in April, 2019. Before Tottenham he has managed Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester United. Mourinho is among the highest earning managers with a net worth of €23 million. He is considered the genius of football and the number one earning coach in Serie A with a salary of 13 million every year.

5. Jurgen Klopp

The German manager Jurgen club has secured 5th place in the list of highest paid football manager in the world. He is not just the highest paid manager but also one of the world’s best managers right now. He is known for his unique tactics and strategies that he uses in his matches. Under him Liverpool succeeded to win their first Premier League title this year and conquered the Champions league in 2019. He is still working for Liverpool with a net worth of over €24 million. His success rate as a manager of Liverpool football club is 60% and he is supposed to stay with them till 2024 as he has signed a contract that pays him 10.5 million every year.


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