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Alisson Ramses Becker

Another football star from Brazil is here. Alisson Ramses Becker, commonly known as Alisson, is a famous Brazilian footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Brazil National team and the Premier League club Liverpool which is one of the most popular and successful clubs. He is globally considered as one of the best goalkeepers on the planet due to his ability in one-on-one situations. Born on October 2, 1992, the Brazilian Footballer is currently 30 years old and has a lot of awards and titles to his name. Alisson is not just one of the best and successful goalkeepers in the world but also the most expensive goalkeeper on the planet. In July 2018, after joining Liverpool for a salary of £66.8 million, he was named in the list of most expensive goalkeepers on the planet. His Journey of becoming such a successful footballer began in 2002 when he joined Internacional academy at the age of 10 only. 

Alisson made his senior debut in 2013, over 10 years after his youth football debut. He won several titles while playing with Internacional’s senior side. After playing four years for Internacionales senior side, Alisson joined Roma in July 2016 and was also awarded Serie A Goalkeeper of the year in season 2017-18. 

Early Years

The great Brazilian footballer, Alisson Ramses Becker was born on October 2, 1992 in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil. Novo Hamburgo is a municipality in the southernmost Brazilian state of Rio Grande Grande do Sul which is located in the metropolitan area of Porto Alegre. Alisson was born and raised in a catholic middle class family. His father was not so rich as he was a real Estate banker but he always supported both of his son’s interests in sports. He has an elder brother named Muriel who is also a widely famous goalkeeper and both made their debut with Internacional. Football goalkeeping is a hereditary trait in their family that runs in their blood. Though Alisson’s father, Jose Agostinho Becker did not pursue his career in football, he used to play the same role in pickup matches with friends. While his mother Magali Lino de Souza Becker was a handball keeper. Even his great grandfather also played football in his time. 

You might observe that their names also have one thing in common which is the feminine name. Just like Alisson, Muriel also has a traditional feminine name while he is of German descent from paternal family background. Alisson’s father and grandmother speak the German language fluently and the fun fact is that at Roma the Footballer was nicknamed “The German”. Alisson also maintains a relationship with Portugal due to which he is also very good at English and Italian. 

Picking up from where we left, Muriel and Alisson were a part of such a community where sports was highly supported and appreciated. Both Becker brothers were admitted to a brazilian club, Internacional academy. Alisson was only 10 at that time. Muriel played very well and became the first choice goalkeeper of the club. As Alisson was junior to him in terms of both age and position, he was soon promoted to compete for the position same as his brother’s. After Muriel was out due to an injury, Alisson succeeded to become the first choice goalkeeper of the team. He earned such a reputation until his brother came back and recovered from injury that he was irreplaceable. 

Alisson’s Wife

The well known Liverpool Goalkeeper, Allison married the love of his life in 2015. His wife’s name is Natalia Loewe who was his long term girlfriend and an aspiring physician by profession. Alisson met his sweet and lovely wife Natalia in 2012 and since then they have been happily together. It is destiny which got him to follow his passion as his profession and still get a gorgeous wife who supported him through every rough stage of his life. 

They both are happily together now with a small family of five including three children. They both prefer to keep their personal life private and away from public. Alisson is busy with his career, wife and children. 

Natalia Loewe – Alisson Becker’s Wife

Natalia Loewe was born on December 28, 1990 in Italy. Alisson also knows how to speak Italian. Natalia’s zodiac sign is Capricorn which usually defines people with this sign as hardworking and ambitious. Natalia also possesses the same characteristics. She was a bright student who used to study late at night for hours without any break. She always wanted to be a doctor and was determined to get a degree. Finally the beautiful wife of Alisson received her degree at the Catholic University of Pelotas in Brazil. She is a pediatrician now and her parents are so proud of her. 

Natalia Loewe’s childhood was as awesome as her, she has kept a  lot of fascinating stories of her childhood to herself. She remembers how she used to celebrate Christmas with her family and how fun it was and how her family made her feel secure and safe. The most interesting part about Natalia’s nature is her philosophy of life which hasn’t just made her happier but also filled Alisson’s life with unending joy. She believes to live in the moment and strive for happiness. She is practical and focuses on understanding the importance of opportunities and using them completely.

The Brazilian Pediatrician with the status of celebrity’s wife makes quite a good amount of money to earn a living for herself. She is paid a salary of $180,000 because she is a medium doctor. The best paid doctor earns around $210,000 and the lowest paid doctor makes $130000. Though she shares a net worth of $8 million with her partner, Alisson, she chose to live an ordinary happy life with family instead of living a glamorous and luxurious life maintaining her fame as the football celebrity’s wife.

Alisson and Natalia’s love life

Alisson and Natalia’s love story sounds so romantic and filmy. The couple first met in 2012 when Alisson was practicing his goalkeeping profession while Natalia was studying for her medical course to become a doctor. An exciting fact that was revealed in a few sources is that when they met for the first time, they both were in high school. But age and their distinct career paths did not become an obstacle in their relationship. In 2012, they eventually started dating each other and have been together since then. They had a long term relationship until they finally got married in 2015. 

After a relationship of 4 years, in 2015, they finally began their beautiful journey together as an official couple taking blessings of everyone present at their wedding ceremony. After tieng a knot in a wedding ceremony, they decided to expand their family and welcomed their first child in 2017 two years after their marriage Natalia gave birth to their first Daughter named Helena, who is currently five years old. The duo welcomed their second child, a son named Matteo in 2019 and after another two years in 2021, the third child and second son was born to them. 

Apart from Natalia’s fame as a goalkeeper’s wife, she has a beautiful presence on Social media as well. She enjoys a lot of popularity on Social media with a count of 295k followers on Instagram. The Brazilian beauty has a remarkable presence on Twitter as well with 11.5k followers although she joined it just three years ago in May 2019. She is an aspiring doctor who always wants to help people in one way or another and this is why she likes to share medical advice or links to beneficial stuff on her social media. 

As her spouse, Alisson is currently linked to Liverpool, she is living in England, United Kingdom. Her favorite brand is Dior and has several followers from her field. Her acceptance for Alisson’s profession can be seen in her following list. She follows several football accounts indicating how supportive wife she is. She generally writes in Spanish but there are some posts in English as well on her social media profiles. Another most important fact about her Everyone has learnt from her Twitter bio is that she is not just an ordinary doctor but a doctor serving WHO as Goodwill ambassador for Health Promotion. This fact makes her enjoy the equal reputation in WHO as her spouse enjoys. Alisson also serves as an ambassador for the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Alisson’s Children

Alisson Ramses Becker, the 2019 FIFA best Goalkeeper of the year shares three children with his wife Natalia Loewe as of now. All of his children were born at an interval of two years. After getting married in 2015, they became parents in 2017 for the first time. 

Helena Becker

The first child that was born to the Brazilian duo is a daughter child named Helena Becker. Helena was born to Alison and Natalia on April 29, 2017 two years after their marriage. She is currently five years old. In April 2022, the father of the most beautiful girl Helena, Alison also shared some snaps from his princess’s fifth birthday party. Natalia also shared a glimpse of the same on her social media. On April 29, 2022, Helena Becker stole the spotlight and shone like a star on everyone’s Instagram story. Natalia revealed that her princess was dressed as her favorite character, Cindrella and also cut a palace shaped cake. 

Matteo Becker

The proud Alisson Becker welcomed his second child on June 14, 2019 as his wife Natalia gave birth to a baby son named Matteo Becker. He is two years younger than his elder sister Helena Becker and currently three years old. Matteo is very adorable and in 2020, he celebrated his father’s victory in Reds’ Premier League in the most adorable way. The little boy had become an internet sensation for that time due to his cuteness and innocence. 

Rafael Becker

In 2021 a second son was born to the German couple whose name is Rafael Becker. Rafael was born to Natalia and Alisson on May 10, 2021 and is currently 17 months old. He is the youngest child of the Becker family. After his birth, Helena was left as the only daughter in the family. He is the light of family and the heartbeat of his adorable parents. 

Football Career and Accomplishments 

As I told you before, the beginning of Alisson’s career roots in his teenage years. He put all of his efforts into building a stable career for himself following his passion. The 30 years old Brazilian who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Liverpool was named the Best FIFA Goalkeeper in 2019 and also became the recipient of inaugural Yashin Trophy. You would be amazed to know that due to his skillful abilities, he has also been nicknamed “Messi of the Goalkeepers”. 

At the age of 10, he joined Local Brazilian club, Internacional football academy where he was promoted to compete with his brother. Muriel was sent off due to an injury and in his place Alisson became the first choice goalkeeper of the team. Until Muriel’s return to the team after recovery, Alisson created a reputation for himself that was irreplaceable in any manner. He encountered a tough competition from an ex-brazilian goalkeeper, Dida for the top goalkeeping spot and emerged victorious. During his four years and seasons with Internacional senior academy, he helped the team win the Campeonato Gaucho Serie A1. In the Internacional academy, he has made over 100 appearances and won the title of Campeonato Gaucho in each year of his journey at club. 

A.S. Roma

In 2016, the Brazilian goalkeeper joined Roma, an Italian club for a deal worth €7.5 million. Alisson made his debut for Roma in August 2016 but he didn’t make it to the first team in the first season with the club. A wonderful moment came for Alisson following the departure of First team goalkeeper, Wojciech Szczesny. Jersey number 1was given to Alisson making him the first choice Goalkeeper of the team. 

In his first season with A. S. Alisson didn’t get the chance to debut in Serie A and he revealed to the press that he had a thought of leaving Roma as a result of not playing in the first team. In the second season with Roma, he made his debut in the Serie A and UEFA Champions League. Fans excitedly cheered for him in the Champions League. His brilliant performance in season 2017/18 got him a lot of attention from all of the world as he made a total of 22 clean sheets. Smell of his goalkeeping skills reached the nose of Liverpool as well as a result of which the club reached out to the Brazilian star.

Liverpool F.C. 

Alisson got an offer from Premier League club Liverpool for a salary of €72.5 million. He accepted the offer in July 2018 and signed the agreement and became one of the most expensive goalkeepers in the world. But he didn’t hold this title for long as Kepa Arrizabalaga was signed by Chelsea for an amount of €80 million. Alisson got the number 13 Jersey at his arrival to Anfield. In his first season with Liverpool, the Brazilian star created history by playing 20 games unbeaten in a row, longest unbeaten streak in the English Premier League. 

In his first season of 2019, Alisson kept 17 clean sheets which is the longest streak for someone in his debut season. In the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League Alisson was key to his team’s advancement to the knockout stage. He also received the Golden Glove award at the end of the season. In the final of his kept clean sheets and emerged victorious winning his first title with Liverpool in his debut season. In his next season 2019/20 he received the number 1 Jersey. Alisson was sent off in the 2019 UEFA Super Cup due to an injury after Liverpool lost on penalties in the FA Final Cup.

International Career

As you already know that Ramses Becker plays for Brazil National team as well along with the Premier League club Liverpool. He played at Under-17 and Under-20 levels from Brazil’s side. Soon after his record breaking performance at these competitions, the team manager Dunga called him to select for playing as a member of main squad in the first two matches of the 2018 World Cup qualification against Venezuela and Chile. 

In May 2018, he was named in the final 23-men team for the 2018 FIFA World Cup held in Russia. One June 13, 2021, he got the opportunity to play opening match of Brazil in 2021 Copa America on its own soil. In 2019, he was titled The Best FIFA Goalkeeper and also became the first person to receive inaugural Yashin Trophy.  

Alisson’s Net Worth

Duration Income 
Per year 642,750.00 Pounds 
Per month 150,000.00 Pounds 
Per Week 21,428.57 Pounds 
Per Hour 892.86 Pounds 
Per minute 14.88 Pounds 
Per Second 0.25 Pounds 

There was a time when Alisson was named one of the most expensive goalkeepers in the world. Though his title was short-lived he enjoys a significant amount of salary and net worth. He makes a lot of money in exchange for playing for Liverpool. The Brazilian footballer has an estimated net worth of 20 million pounds along with a current market value of 50 million pounds. The Liverpool Goalkeeper is ranked among the top 78 players worldwide. When it comes to the salary or money he is paid, you are going to be happy to hear. According to the contract that was signed between Liverpool club and Alisson Becker, he is paid a salary of 7,800,000,00 pounds every year. Currently he makes a an amount of 150.000,00 pounds per week. 

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