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Carlos Henrique

Carlos Henrique Raposo is one of the most popular Brazilian footballers who is commonly known as Carlos Kaiser. There is a history behind his nickname Carlos Kaiser. He was nicknamed “Kaiser” in young age in resemblance with Franz Beckenbauer although his friends claim that the nickname comes in a resemblance to a “Kaiser Beer”.  The con artist used to play as a striker in football games. Yes, you heard right! He was born on April 2, 1963 and is currently almost 60 years old. He had played for several teams and clubs in his football career of over decades. The Brazilian guy is the 1970s charm of football. 

His early youth career began in 1972 and went on for around 20 years lasting till 1992. An exciting fact about his professional career is that he never played a regular game, sometimes he ended games receiving a red card. He used to change teams frequently. The footballer has now become a con artist who signed an agreement with a UK production company, Nods & Volleys Entertainment Limited in November 2015. This firm was mainly incorporated to tell his story on all media platforms. Even the former striker had an interview filmed on a cinematic release which was completed by December 2016. A film was also shot on his biography named “Kaiser! The Greatest Footballer Never To Play Football”. This film had its world Premiere at Tribeca Festival on April 21, 2018. Many artists like Zico, Carlos Alberto Torres, Ricardo Rocha, Junior, Bebeto and Renato Gaucho were featured in the film. A book with the same title “Kaiser! The Greatest Footballer Never To Play Football” by journalist Rob Smyth was published in 2018. 

Early Years

Born on April 2, 1963 in Rio Pardo, Brazil, the former striker Carlos Henrique Raposo also wanted to become a Footballer just like any other kid in Brazil. Brazil people have a different and outstanding craze and passion for football. Kaiser was also one of them. Although he was a little low when it came to his professional footballer career, he played for many clubs in countries like the UK, Brazil, Spain, etc. The 59 years old footballer doesn’t play football anymore but his career history is quite fascinating. His zodiac sign is Aries and he is 184 cm tall. Not much information about his family or parents is known but it’s definitely true that he was good at football since his early childhood. 

Somehow he came up in the eyes of Mexican Outfit Puebla. Puebla picked him to make a bigger name. Though he was aware of the fact that Kaiser lacked the talent he needed to become a bigger name or a star, he never gave up on him. He decided to take destiny into his hands and two decades later, Carlos Kaiser ended up with a recorded story of football career without scoring even a single goal. There was a time when there was no internet or live telecasting on TV and Carlos Henrique found out that it was the time for him to realise that he still had a career to enjoy in football. His bonding and companionship with footballers like Renato Gaucho, Romario and Edmundo played a major but private role in his success as part-conman and part-footballer. 

Family and relationships

The amazing footballer with an outstanding and interesting football career story was born on April 2, 1963 in Rio Pardo, Brazil. He was never born to be a Footballer for sure as his playing skills suggest. He never played a complete game and during his career of over two decades he never scored a single goal. This is exactly why he had to switch teams frequently. The 59 years old former striker is 1.84m tall but lacks the ability to play well. Only a little about his family background is known but a fact about him is that he had physical relationships (sex) with over a thousand women. He got addicted to it and it sucked out his remaining interest and focus on football. Master of failure, Carlos Henrique has an award to his name which is “Travel Scholarship of the German Archeological Institute”. 

Sex Addiction

One of the most interesting and unknown facts about Carlos Henrique is that he went through a time in his life when he was addicted to sex. Yes! The Brazilian footballer who never kicked a ball scoring a goal in his 26-years long Career, had several excuses to justify his failure but does not have even one excuse to defend himself from this sex Addiction. Everyone calls him Carlos Kaiser in resemblance to a German great star Frenz “Kaiser” Beckenbauer and was called “the greatest footballer never to play football” by Brazilian legend Renato Gaucho. 

When it comes to his lifestyle, he had such a rich history of women. For him, his luxurious lifestyle means all the women. He has claimed that he had slept with more than 1000 girls in his past. He told The Sun that he would be in the nightclubs from Monday to Monday and never be able to attend matches or give training in the morning. He made sure that he was seen with so many great Brazilian footballers which got him fame and the privilege of being a footballer attracted a lot of women. Due to that sex Addiction, he would sleep with three women at least at once. 

He had a different charm with ladies much more than he had to several large Brazil and other nations clubs. One more thing he mentioned while talking about his experience with the club is that all the clubs he joined celebrated twice- first when he signed and secondly when he left. Even he would try to convince journalists and take him into his favour just to build his hype and if that also wouldn’t be enough, he would bring bribed fans to show off his pseudo popularity. All of his ways to gain more popularity actually worked for him and he got a lot of attention from women worldwide. 

Carlos Henrique admitted it himself that when every other player was focused on playing good pitches and scoring goals, he was concentrating on something else. In other words, he was distracted from his career and addicted to something else. He cried while playing due to his grandmother’s death and also paid a youth player to kick and injure him as well as asking a dentist friend to issue a fake medical report. In this report, it was claimed that he had some leg and teeth related health problems. In short, he had every excuse to stay out of the play and knew how to find women for himself as well as other players. He would convince over 20 women to come into the hotel and after lights were out at night, boys would jump right into his room to get an orgy. He also said that he would arrange women for them to have sex with. As I told you, one woman was never enough for him, he would have sex with multiple sexiest women at the same time. 


Years Teams
1986-87Gazelec Ajaccio 
1989Vasco da Gama 
1989-90El Paso Six-shooters 
1990-91America (RJ)

Kaiser’s Career story is such an entertaining part of his life that a whole book can be written on it. The book written on his career would definitely include a lot of small chapters as the Kaiser’s football journey is divided in 14 parts with different clubs. He began playing football at a very young age and in 1972 he gave a kick start to his youth career at Botafogo and one year later he moved to Flamengo. He stayed there for six years and then in 1979 his career took a major turn. 

In 1979, Kaiser made his debut for senior football. He impressed scouts of Puebla during a training session and got selected by the Mexican Club. Puebla signed him immediately although he was cut out a few months later without even playing a single match for the team. Later when he returned to Brazil, he began his career as he wanted to be a Footballer without the pressure of playing football. He had his own trick to achieve this aim. So, he would be friends with Several other big football names such as Carlos Alberto Torres, Renato Gaucho and Ricardo Rocha in order to get himself recommended to the clubs whenever he needed a transfer. The absolute truth is that he was a fraud. 

With a large, healthy body and physical fitness like any other great footballer, he cheated Everyone by signing a short contract. Then whenever he got a call for training or to play in matches, he would make an excuse of Hamstring injury or any other medical problem. He used to play well or train juniors in the first week so that he could shine but then he would use false excuses to escape the remaining training session. Due to his fraud, clubs fired him as soon as their short contract ended and it became very ordinary for him to switch clubs frequently. One most important tactic that I forgot to mention is being friends with journalists. Carlos was good friends with journalists to make the hype. Then Journalists would write good and fictional stuff about him to create his image as a nice and valuable player. 

Well let’s get back to his transfers and the clubs he played for. After returning to Brazil and beginning his farce career, Carlos Kaiser rejoined Botafogo. He stayed there for two years from 1979 to 1981. There he did an injury scam and a toy Mobile scam. So, he pretended to speak a little English to extend his stay at the club but he was caught by a club doctor who was fluent in English. 

He executed many scams, many of which were not planned by him alone. He once claimed that a man named Alejandro brought him to play in Argentina at Talleres de Cordoba and Independent and he was a friend of Jorge Burruchaga who was a crucial part of the main squad which won the 1984 Copa Libertadores and the 1984 Intercontinental Cup. But the most interesting part is that he was not actually a part of the squad, he just portrayed himself as Carlos Enrique who was a real member of the main squad. 

Kaiser played for Flamengo till 1983 and then moved to Interdependiente where he played for two years as well moving to Bangu in 1985. One year later, he just fled to Europe and signed with French Division 2 club Gazelec Ajaccio accompanying a friend who was already playing there. He barely played for Gazelec Ajaccio and just returned to Brazil, his Home country the next year. At Gazelec, Carlos Henrique completed his eight seasons without scoring a single goal but journalists wrote a very pleasing article on him claiming he was a top goalscorer of the club. In contrast to this article, his friend “Fabio” stated that Kaiser never even went to Corsica. The two of them had photos together wearing Gazelec Ajaccio Jersey that Fabio gave him as a gift in Horto. Later, Carlos Henrique used the same photographs as evidence to prove that he spent his time in France. 

Returning to Brazil in 1987, he rejoined his youth club Flamingo once again but departed the following year. In 1988, he again joined Bangu, the Brazilian Club. He had some conflicting issues there as well, in fact he fought with a group of supporters too. Many scams and frauds were executed by the Brazilian escapist although he played twice or thrice for the same teams. Same year he left the club and joined Fluminense, then Vasco da Gama in 1989, El Paso Six-shooters in same year, then America (RJ) in 1990 and finally he ended his career with the club he began his football journey.

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