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Has Any Team Won All 4 Trophies?

There are several winning teams for every trophy but winning all four major trophies is a big achievement. And this achievement becomes more notable when a club wins all the four trophies in a single season which is also called quadruple. For instance, if a club or team wins the FA Cup, League Cup, Premier League and Champions League in a single season, they have won the quadruple.

In this article, we will have a detailed discussion on the teams which have won all four major trophies. Though winning two or three trophies is also counted as a big achievement, four trophies have a different significance. 

4 major trophies

Has any team won all 4 trophies?

There are several teams who have won doubles and triples (winning three trophies in a single season) but only a few clubs have barely made it to win quadruple. Just like this, there are terms like quintuple and sextuple which are used to refer to five and six trophies in a single season but quadruple is a more prevalent and popular term often used in football. But one notable fact about quadruple is that FIFA Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup are not counted in quadruple. 

Celtic’s Lisbon Lions is the only team known for winning a quadruple of domestic league, domestic league Cup, European Cup and Domestic Cup in the 1966/67 season. It was the first team to ever have such a combination of trophies to their name. 

Lately, Bayern Munich won the unofficial quadruple for winning DFB Pokal, Champions League and Bundesliga in 2019-20. And they lifted Club World Cup as their fourth trophy in following months but as per standards set, it didn’t actually make a real quadruple. 

Just like this, the popular manager Pep Guardiola also won six Trophies as an individual manager of Barcelona in 2009 that were La Liga, Club World Cup, Champions League, Copa del Rey, Spanish Cup and the UEFA Super Cup. Despite these achievements, he couldn’t win the true quadruple in that season. 

Has any Premier League team ever won a quadruple?

It might come as a shock to you but despite being one of the oldest leagues of Association Football, no Premier League team has ever been able to hit the quadruple. Yes, they never got to win all four trophies in a single season. 

The closest any team has got to win the quadruple is Many Manchester United which in 1998-99 successfully lifted a historic treble. They were just one step away from winning the League Cup which could lead them towards a quadruple, but they fell short of points and got kicked out of the competition at the quarter-final stage against Tottenham. 

Manchester City also reached close to lift quadruple when it collected all three domestic Trophies in 2018-19 but tumbled out of the continental contest at the Quarterfinals stage. Additionally, they also lifted Community Shield in the same year. 

Although no Premier League side could make it to win a quadruple, Liverpool, City and Manchester United have the potential to win it in upcoming seasons. It’s just a matter of time as they all are number one competitors of each other. 

Which Clubs have won 4 trophies?

Surprisingly, no club from the top five Football Leagues have successfully won a true quadruple though, many have been rewarded with four titles a year/season. 

In the name of clubs, as I already mentioned only Celtic’s Lisbon Lions have achieved the true quadruple in 1966-67 when they won 3 domestic and one European Cup in a single season; Scottish First Division, European Cup, Scottish League Cup and Scottish Cup.

Teams which won all 4 divisions

There are three teams which have won all 4 professional divisions in English football; Burnley, Wolverhampton wanderers and Preston North End. Burnley has enjoyed most of its career playing in the top two divisions but still it didn’t not play in the top Division between 1976 and 2009. 

Which club has won every major Trophy?

It’s quite fascinating to see clubs and teams win different major trophies. There are some most popular and successful clubs which have marked their history with unlimited titles and victories. And the most iconic ones are those which have not left any major trophy. Only five major European clubs have notably won all the major trophies ; Chelsea, Juventus, Manchester United, Ajax and Bayern Munich.

Teams who won the treble

Winning a quadruple might be difficult for English football clubs but winning treble is their left hand game. There are more than one teams who have won treble and the most popular treble in European football is Manchester United treble. It was when Manchester United just missed the quadruple from one game. But United successfully completed its historic and iconic treble in 1998-99 when they lifted the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup. 

Which team survived the longest without lifting a trophy?

Droughts are common in landscapes and residential cities but have you ever seen the drought in football? Drought in football refers to the time period spent by a team without winning a single Trophy. We have listed such six longest trophy droughts below: 

  • Manchester United – 9 years
  • Liverpool – 17 years
  • Manchester City – 34 years
  • Tottenham Hotspur – 14 years
  • Arsenal – 17 years
  • Chelsea – 26 years

It’s difficult to believe that clubs like Manchester United, City and Liverpool which are amongst the most successful clubs in the world have spent such a long period without winning a single Trophy. 

Hardest Trophy to win

The UEFA Champions League is widely regarded as one of the hardest trophies to win in football, and is considered the most prestigious club competition in Europe. The competition is open to the best club teams from countries across the continent, and features a knockout format with two-legged ties, adding to the level of difficulty. The tournament also involves a group stage, where teams have to perform at a high level over the course of several months to advance to the knockout rounds.

The level of competition in the Champions League is extremely high, as some of the best clubs in the world, with some of the best players, compete against each other. The pressure to perform at a high level is intense, and the margins for error are very small. Additionally, the Champions League has a reputation for being a tournament that produces unexpected results, making it even more challenging for teams to win.

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