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Has Lionel Messi won a World Cup?

Lionel Messi is the first name that comes to anyone’s mind when they think of football. He is considered the legend of the footballers. Hailing from Argentina, the footballer plays for the Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and also serves as the captain of the Argentina National team. As the football World Cup 2022 held in Qatar is coming, Messi’s fans are getting more excited to see their favorite Argentine player holding the World Cup Trophy in his hands for Argentina. Before we predict any victory for Messi, let’s take a look at his past world cup matches.

In 2014, Lionel Messi was only a step away from the World Cup trophy when Argentina lost the FIFA World Cup finals. At that time, not only did Argentina lose the World Cup but Messi also missed out on winning the most prominent titles. And the 2022 FIFA World Cup appears as the second and more realistic chance for him to win as the chances of his availability during the 2026 world cup seems low. But one thing has to be said that no matter if he wins the world cup or not, his legacy will remain untouched. 

Has Lionel Messi won a World Cup?

Though the Argentine football legend hadn’t won any world cup title, his legacy remains untarnished. This fact that Messi has never won a World Cup does not diminish the impact he has ever had on the game. There are several greatest players who haven’t won or played any world cup and Lionel Messi adds to the list. But there is no way his talent and prominence can be judged by this. He is considered as the greatest football player on the earth leaving Ronaldo behind to follow up. 

Messi ready to break records in Qatar World Cup

You should know that Messi with the Argentine football team is all ready to set fire on stage. After winning two World Cup trophies in 1978 and 1986 with Messi as a defeated finalist in 2014, South American side is all set to win the 2022 World Cup. Argentina will be one of the four countries representing CONMEBOL in the FIFA World Cup Qatar and Messi is everyone’s hope. In an interview with CONMEBOL, South American football federation, Messi said that they are very excited. His statement reads “We have a very nice group that is very eager, but we think about going little by little. We know that World Cup groups are not easy”.

Though the FIFA World Cup Qatar is beginning from November 20, Argentina is scheduled to play its opening match on November 22 against Asian country Saudi Arabia in group C which includes Poland and Mexico as well. Also they will play their final friendly matches on Wednesday against United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi. Messi is  included in the 23 players squad which is going to play for Argentina and he became one of them recently on Monday in Abu Dhabi. The footballer claimed, “We hope to start the World Cup in the best way to face everything that comes after”. 

In the interview, Messi kept highlighting the strengths of the teams led by Lionel Scaloni and luck of having the advantage of an already established squad who recorded a victory at last year’s Copa America. Taking this conversation to a height, he said, “The more you play and the more time you spend on the pitch, the more you get to know each other. We have each other’s characteristics and what is best for each moment”. 

Messi puts Brazil, France and England above others?

As Messi puts it, there is no surprise winner of the FIFA World Cup Qatar. Messi says that every time in the World Cup the same candidates, which means the same teams appear. The exact statement he made says, “If I have to put some above others I think Brazil, France and England are a little bit above the rest, but the World Cup is so difficult and so complicated that anything can happen”. 

Is World Cup 2022 Messi’s last World Cup?

Yes, most probably the FIFA World Cup 2022 is going to be the last FIFA World Cup of Messi’s football career. He is more likely to play his last World Cup this year at the age of 35. In his interview with CONMEBOL, he revealed that he had fully adapted to a different life in Paris after one year following his move from Real Madrid club Barcelona. Describing this fact, Messi said, “After that year-long process, which took a long time, today I’m happy where I am living and my family and I are enjoying ourselves in Paris”. 

Lionel Messi’s 1st World Cup 

It was in 2006 when the Paris Saint-Germain forward made his debut in the FIFA World Cup. He was just a kid back then and even in 2010, he was a less experienced guy dedicated to football. And in 2014, all of the coaches embarked his performance as his best shot at glory although he got defeated. A major role in his development over years was played by Gerardo Salorio. He was among the coaching staff of Argentina at the Under-20 World Cup in 2005 and later with the seniors in Germany helping Messi at each point of his career. 

As Salorio told Goals, “Lionel Messi made the difference, he was blessed when it came to football”. 

Salorio’s statement about Messi’s talent was evident when the 18-year-old Argentine scored on his World Cup debut. He played a 16-minute cameo against Serbia which ended up making him the youngest player to appear at the tournament in Argentina’s long history. But also you have to admit that the tournament was more of a learning curve than a beautiful story with a spicy climax. 

As Salorio puts it in the interview, “He could give the team 15 or 20 minutes, in which he could unbalance the opposition because he really made an incredible difference. The thing was, at that age, you have to sustain that for 90 minutes. I don’t think he was able to do that. In the U20s yes, he was far too good for that level, but for the seniors he was just missing a little something, he had to play the amount of time the team needed. I don’t think he understood that”. 

And after playing against Serbia, Messi was offered to play his first World start against the Netherlands. 

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