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Has Ronaldo Won a Treble?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest footballers of all time. His popularity around the globe is unprecedented. He is widely famous for his Dribbling skills and goal scoring ability as he also holds the record for most goals in the world. Along with his all-time top rival Messi, the Portuguese forward has won almost every trophy in football except for the World Cup. But has he also won a Treble?

What is Treble?

Before we move ahead with Ronaldo’s exceptionally brilliant achievements, let’s take a look at what the treble is. Treble is basically a term used when a player or team manages to win three major football trophies in a single season. Similarly, quadruple (four Trophies), doubles (two trophies) and sixtuple (six trophies) are also some notable terms. Quadruple is the most commonly used among these though treble and sixtuple are also quite prevalent.

There are many teams and clubs who have won a treble while some teams like Manchester United somehow couldn’t manage to win their fourth trophy which is why their name fell in the treble list instead of quadruple. Usually, teams aim to win an outstanding quadruple rather than treble or sixtuple. However, players as individuals also win these combinations and Pep Guardiola, the GOAT manager and Ronaldo are the best examples. 

Has Ronaldo ever won a Treble?

Yes, the invincible and brilliant Footballer Ronaldo have marked his illustrious career with more than one Trebles, of sorts. Having enjoyed a prolific professional career, Ronaldo achieved this milestone during the 2014-15 season when he played for Real Madrid. 

During that season, Real Madrid won three major trophies: La Liga (the top professional football league in Spain), the Copa del Rey (the Premier domestic cup competition in Spain), and the UEFA Champions League (the most prestigious club competition in European football).  Ronaldo was a key player for Real Madrid during that season, scoring a total of 61 goals in all competitions and playing a crucial role in helping the team win all three Trophies. 

The very next treble he won in season 2018/19 when he was playing his first season with Juventus. Following Portugal’s UEFA Nations League win, he sort of marked his personal treble. In the first season for Juventus, he went on to win Supercopa Italiana as well as Scudetto. The Portuguese legend was fast enough to get reactions of his Instagram fan club by reminding them of his victory.

He posted on Instagram, “after conquering the Italian Super Cup and the Italian Championship, there couldn’t have been a better way to end the season than with the Nations League win. 2 + 1 = treble”. 

Also, Manchester United’s most successful star became the first known player in 30 years to win both the Young Player of the year and PFA Player of the Year awards in the London Award ceremony. Also, Ronaldo played a crucial role in winning Manchester United’s Treble challenge. He marked his incompatible success with this prestigious treble victory. While playing the lead role in United’s Treble challenge, he scored a total of 21 goals for his club under Sir Alex Ferguson becoming one of the most appreciated players of the season. 

Has Ronaldo won all awards?

The Most famous footballer has spent a major part of his career playing for Real Madrid, one of the highest rated clubs. The goalscoring master won almost every award during his time with Real Madrid and Manchester United including five Ballon d’or awards and five Champion League. He has also conquered Almost every major trophy for his nation Portugal. 

Ronaldo has been one of the most iconic and memorable players in Portugal and Real Madrid’s history as he has broken and set several new records that may never be challenged by anyone else on this planet. But nobody is perfect and has everything. Everybody, be it a superstar legendary Sportsman or an unprecedented public leader lacks something. Similarly, Ronaldo also has missed some shocking awards that you might not already know. 

Most importantly, he has never been able to lift a FIFA World Cup trophy which is most reputed and of the highest level competition in International Football. So, it offers some scope for the player to accomplish in the rest of his career. 

Though the football superstar has won more than one Treble, he is still missing a continental treble. He might have won three domestic cups, five League titles and five Champions League titles but he could never manage to win all three in a single season. 

In the 2007-08 season, with Manchester United he managed to win two Premier League titles and his first Champions League Trophy by scoring 40 goals for the club. Although United won the treble by winning three awards in a season, it was not continental. In order to achieve that, they were required to win the FA Cup which they lost to Portsmouth in the sixth round only. 

In the next season, Ronaldo won four trophies with United but again he missed out on the FA Cup and also lost in the Champions League finals. Ronaldo Won a Treble

Which awards Ronaldo has won?

Cristiano Ronaldo began his professional career in Portugal with Sporting Lisbon and later played for Real Madrid, Juventus and Manchester United. The former Manchester United star has possession of a lot of records in football that might even be more than Messi. 

Ronaldo has scored a total of more than 800 goals in his entire career. He even beat Pele who set the record with 766 goals. This is not the end as Ronaldo also has the most International goals as compared to others and as of now his international goals tally counts 117 goals. 

In addition, Ronaldo has won multiple league titles, Champions League Trophy, Ballon d’or, Copa del Rey, etc. The list of his accomplishments is quite long and names keep getting added to this list with each day. He has also represented Portugal in five consecutive FIFA World Cups though he never managed to win one. 

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