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Highest Paid Footballers 2022

As you already know that football or soccer as world’s most popular sport. It is watched by billions of fans every time it gets telecasted followed by cricket which is ranked second after football. While football is watched by 3.5 billion fans, cricket is watched by 2.5 billion fans. What do you think that all those great players play just to follow their passion and get nothing? Well, the rich popularity also brings a huge amount of income to the organizer and most importantly the players. Let’s have a look at who tops this list of the highest Paid Footballers 2022. Here is the list and please do not forget to hold a pillow as some of these names are going to shock you. Paid Footballer

1. Kylian Mbappe 

Have you ever imagined that the player you see on television playing with such as spirit and dedication can earn millions of dollars? Isn’t it a complete shock that the player sweating on the screen gets paid million dollars for this sweat. Well, the most surprising thing is that the highest paid footballer in the entire world is nobody but Kylian Mbappe with $62 million per annum. He gained this title after signing a new contract with PSG. The widely known player who has always desired to play for Real Madrid is now ready to play against it. He joined the Paris with a deal that assures him the control over coaching appointments and player selection.

2. Lionel Messi

Known for his playing and diving talent, Lionel Messi has now secured a place in the highest paid footballers list. He is ranked second in the list with $41 million per annum. The Argentine player became free after deciding to leave Barcelona in 2021. We can imagine Frenchs reaching the peak as it is keen to involve all the greatest players in it. It offered Messi a salary of $41 million in return of his talent and he agreed making it second to this list.

3. Neymar Jr. 

Another player from PSG consecutively getting third rank on the list with an income of $36.5 million per year. The player with 4.9m Instagram followers signed contract with PSG for summer 2021. Neymar is very familiar name as he has been one of the top 5 or 10 greatest players in the world during last years. the player has won several titles in France and every other thing he wanted but he would sell all of it for the much wanted UEFA champions League silverware.

4. Christiano Ronaldo

Talking about the greatest and richest footballers in the world and forgot Christiano Ronaldo? This is impossible for him to stay out of any of these lists. Apart from his personal life character, the player is a blast in the field. He became the highest paid footballer in the world after signing contact with Manchester United in 2021 with a salary of $36 million per annum. Ronaldo has played for Real Madrid for a decade as well. Getting this highest paid footballer title at the age of 37 only makes him look like quite the Lionel Messi, 34.

5. Oscar

Here comes the Chinese teams Shanghai sipg player Oscar on the fifth position with $34 million per year. Oscar moved to China in 2016 taking everyone by surprise. It has been estimated that a Brazilian player earns three times more than the salary of Chinese. But who would have known that Oscar’s decision to move to China would take him here. 

6. Andres Iniesta

Andres Iniesta and his companion Xavi made the best duo and were anticipated the life of Barcelona. After seeing Xavi managing the Barcelona alone some people thought that Andres was retired. But no, the man who won the world cup 2010 has now moved to Japan in order to use his talent for Viselle Kobe to reach heights. But it seems that Viselle Kobe helped him to make it to this list with an income of $31 million. The player joined Viselle Kobe in 2018 and has won the Emperor’s cup and the Japanese super Cup since then. He has achieved all this by now at the age of 37 only while he is expected to Play more. 

7. Eden Hazard

Here comes the Eden Hazard from Real Madrid in seventh place with an income of $26 million per annum. Real Madrid is a rival of Manchester United when it comes to paying Footballers and failing to get the best out of them. Eden has spent most of his time at Real Madrid in the treatment room since he joined Chelsea back in 2019. 

8. Mohamed Salah

Making a list of the richest footballers and Liverpool’s name is not mentioned, how is it ever possible? Egypt based player Mohamed Salah had managed to come on the eighth position on this list and become one of the highest paid footballers in the world in 2022 with an income of $26 million. The king of Liverpool joined the team signing a new three years contract in the beginning of July. The fantabulous and outstanding player has scored 156 goals in 254 games during his play at Anfield.

9. Kevin De Bruyne

After Manchester United, Manchester City has also made it here making one of its players the highest paid footballer in the world. The Belgian player is arguably the best footballer in the world right now. He signed a renewed contract with Manchester City for summer 2021 that made him the ninth highest paid footballer with an income of $24 million a year. This contract mandates it for him to be loyal to Manchester City till 2025. 

10. Erling Haaland

Last but not the least, Erling Haaland is the tenth highest paid footballer in the world with a salary of $24 million per annum. The deal with Manchester City proved beneficial to him. Haaland is not the first to join the Manchester City as his father has also played for citizens in 2000s. Fans have a lot of expectations from him including goal a game record from Borussia Dortmund in the Premier League.


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