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In Which Countries Football is Not Popular?

In some countries football is not a popular sport. Sounds weird, isn’t it? How can the world’s most popular sport not be popular in some countries? There must be strong reasons because football is something that cannot escape people’s eyes and hearts. It has perhaps some characteristics that make it unpopular but there are countless characteristics in counter to this which contributes to its enormous popularity. So let’s take a look at the exceptional Countries where football doesn’t rule like it does in most of the countries on the planet. Football

1. Venezuela

There is a small country at the top of South America on the map named Venezuela which is an exception to the whole continent. On one hand South America is known for its madness for football, while on the other,. Venezuela doesn’t give a damn about it. South American countries like Brazil and Argentina are known for watching most football and enjoying success in the sport. Even smaller countries like Chile and Colombia also share the same enthusiasm but Venezuela is out of the space. The reason is the love of its people for Baseball. Baseball is the most popular sport in the country, possibly followed by Basketball and football. Venezuela’s 39th ranking in FIFA’s world rankings explains its unpopularity.

2. Finland

The reason behind the unpopularity of football in European nation Finland is the enormous popularity of ice hockey. Football is not the most popular sport of Finland but it has the reputation of being the second most watched sport on television. The 25th most populated country’s success on the international stage of football explains everything. It never qualified for the FIFA World Cup while its neighbours like Sweden reached semi finals thrice and finals once. Yet, some of the well known footballers of Finland are Jari Litmanen, Jussi Jaaskelainen and Sami Hyypia. 

3. India

Well nobody can replace Cricket in India which is the most favorite sport of its people. It has a huge, tremendous fan base in the second most populated country on the planet. But football has definitely become the second most popular sport in the country and a large number of people are passionate about it. Yet, Cricket is constantly winning everyone’s attention. Indian premier league is the world’s premier T20 league and its average attendances are higher than the Italian league Serie A. Although football has gained a quite good amount of popularity and success in India, it is yet to be improved a lot. 

4. Lithuania

Despite the fact that Europe dominates the sport of football, two of the European countries are included in the list of seven where football doesn’t rule supremely. Basketball is the most popular sport in Lithuania and it has enjoyed enormous success in this sport. While it is in the top 4th position in world basketball, the Lithuania national team is ranked 133rd in terms of football. Basketball is Lithuania’s second greatest passion after Catholicism with football fighting with cycling and athletics to secure the 2nd place. It has never qualified for the FIFA World Cup.

5. USA

The game called soccer is not the most popular sport in America then what’s it? Baseball has been the most popular sport in the United States historically but now American football has the place of most popular sport which is far more different than World football. Football never got first place. Other than this, ice hockey and basketball enjoy a lot of popularity as well. Soccer has been constantly growing in the United States more popular than any other nation.

6. Canada

Another country from North America where football is the most popular sport. The title of nation’s number one sport goes to ice hockey as Canada is a cold country where it snows a lot. This factor supports the sport a lot and the nation enjoys widespread success. Football is a growing sport in Canada which is especially widespread among the young generation of the country. It’s played by a large number of people and the nation is on its way to achieve success on the international stage of football too, beginning from qualifying for the FIFA World Cup back in 1986. Canada’s best football representatives include players like Jonathan de Guzman and Owen Hargreaves. 

7. Australia

Australia is one of the most active countries on the planet who are involved in sports. From school to adult life, people play sports and enjoy them to the fullest. Australian rules football, rugby and cricket enjoy enormous popularity in the country along with Tennis and Golf. With so many popular sports, there is a lot of love for football as well. Well football continues to grow in the country but the passion and enthusiasm for Cricket and AFL indicates that football is definitely not on the top spot. Australia has participated in many FIFA World Cups and it has created Charming stars like Harry Kewell, Mark Viduka and Tim Cahill. 

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