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Is It Safe to Go to The Qatar World Cup?

No matter if you are a ticketed fan or a ticketless fan, you are most welcome to Qatar World Cup. Qatar government has cancelled the majority of travelling restrictions that were imposed under Covid guidelines. You neither even need to go through any Covid reports checking nor preregister on the government app to enter the country. 

When everybody is full of enthusiasm to travel to Qatar and watch the World Cup 22 live, some people are worried about their safety. At the same time, some organisations also questioned if it’s safe to go to the Qatar World Cup as Covid 19 pandemic is still alive in some corners of the world. Most of the countries put a lot of travel restrictions due to Covid and so did Qatar. But a few days before the World Cup kicked off on November 20, 2022, the Qatari Government cancelled most of the travel restrictions in relation to Covid 19. 

Qatar made a fresh start of the World Cup and heartwarmingly welcomed all the football fans keeping their safety in mind. 

Is it safe to go to Qatar World Cup?

Yes, it’s completely safe to go to Qatar World Cup. Also, it has become easier now to fly to Qatar to watch the World Cup as from November 1, football fans don’t need to show a negative Covid 19 PCR or preregister on the government’s website to enter the country. You heard right! You are also not required to pre-register on Qatar Government’s Ehteraz health application before arriving in the nation. 

You might need to register on the government’s Ehteraz health application if you wanna access health facilities in the World Cup nation. So, as a precaution you can keep the green health status with you on your mobile in case you need any health care. 

Do Qatar residents need to take a PCR?

Rules and regulations for International Football fans, officials, media, staff, and players have been made very clear but nobody’s paying attention to Qatar residents. Do they need to present a negative Covid 19 PCR or register on the website. With a population of approximately 2.9 million, Qatar has seen the largest number of international visitors till now and somewhere the credit goes to its relaxation in rules. 

Qatar residents also are not required to present a negative Covid 19 PCR or preregister on the government’s website from November 1. It means they can roam around the country freely without taking a PCR within 24 hours returning from abroad, said the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH). Qatar World Cup

What do Fans require to enter Qatar?

During the World Cup, not just FIFA fans but other visitors will not be allowed to enter Qatar from November 1 without a Hayya Card. You will find more about Hayya Card below in the article. Hayya Card is mandatory for everyone to carry regardless of what they are – players, media, staff, officials, ticketed or non ticketed fans or chief guests. 

Qatari organizers and the World Football governing body FIFA want the event to be a symbol or sign of the fading effect of the devastating Covid 19 pandemic. They want people to know that the world is getting over this unfortunate and damaging pandemic. 

But that doesn’t mean that MoPH is not cautious. The health ministry already warned that the special measures will be taken “in the event of a worsening pandemic situation in the country” such as the emergence of a new threatening variant of Covid. 

If such kind of situation strikes, special measures will be practised and players and match officials also might be forced into a secure “bio-bubble” to protect them from any kind of infection. In case of increased Covid cases, the need to wear masks and other precautions will be considered as of now the masks are not compulsory inside the eight venues of FIFA World Cup 2022. 

How to get a Hayya Card?

  • Apply for a Hayya Card. Though you are not one of those ticketed fans who had to go through a whole procedure to reach Qatar, you still need to apply for a Hayya Card. It is an essential requirement for anyone who wishes to enter the FIFA World Cup 2022 as well as the country during the tournament. 
  • You can simply apply for the Hayya Card online in a few minutes through FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 website which is an official website for the tournament and responsible for providing details and resolving queries. You can also apply through Hayya to Qatar 22 mobile app. 
  • No third step. That’s the simplicity FIFA has provided its fans. 

What is the requirement of Hayya Card?

Hayya Card is your ticket to Qatar and the 2022 FIFA World Cup whether you have a ticket to the World Cup or not. During the tournament, it’s compulsory for fans to have a Hayya Card to enter the country. FIFA World Cup 22 also officially tweeted that fans without tickets must still apply for a Hayya Card to enter Qatar. 

It works as fan I’D for an individual and ensures the safety and security of fans. “All parties will work to ensure the safety and security of the fans. We welcome everyone and we all cooperate to ensure that the tournament is a success” says al-Nuaimi. 

Hayya Card brings you a lot of other benefits as well. As a fan I’D, Hayya Card provides free access to metro and bus transportation services. Also, if you are a Hayya Card Holder you can stay in Qatar until January 23, 2023 without any restriction. 

Qatar has devoted itself completely to FIFA World Cup fans. It’s putting every effort to make sure that FIFA fans face no problem and are treated well. The official health spokesman for the FIFA World Cup, Yousef al-maslamani announced before the world cup kicked off that a website has been launched with full detail about clinics and hospitals. 

He said “Fans can access the free helpline by calling 16000 for information about accessing medical cards, when needed,”. 

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