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Is Messi Going to Retire From Argentina?

The greatest footballer ever, Messi has now become the World Football champion after receiving a victory in FIFA World Cup 2022 final against France. Messi along with the Argentine team succeeded in defeating France, the previous World champion in 4-2 penalty shootout and lifting the World Cup trophy. This was probably the only title Messi didn’t have in football which he finally won on Sunday. 

Is Messi going to retire from Argentina?

Terminating all the speculations, the captain of Argentina National Team Messi after winning the World Cup in Qatar announced that he is not getting retired from Argentina for now. He wants to keep playing for his country for a while as he quoted, “I want to keep experiencing a few more matches as world champion”. He told this on the Argentine National Television after winning the biggest achievement in his life. 

“I was lucky to clinch every title in my career, this was the only one missing” said Messi. “I want to take this one there (to Argentina) and enjoy it with everybody else”, he continued. 

The Argentine player has proved that he is actually the greatest footballer in the world. He has been ruling this football World since last two centuries and here he is welcoming the biggest achievement of his whole career. Known for his skills and scoring ability, Messi was the one to open scoring for his country in the World Cup with a 23rd-minute penalty. He kept adding to score and on Sunday won the World Cup for Argentina after failing to do the same in 2014. 

One thing that is common in 2014 and 2022 World Cup on Messi’s account is Golden Ball Award for Player of the Tournament award that he received. He became the first player in football history to win two World Cup golden balls. 

Though Messi is undisputedly one of the greatest player Football has even seen in its history, French Kylian Mbappe also played his best in the finals and scored. Known for his speed, the 23-years old French superstar Kylian Mbappe completed his hat trick taking the game to shoot-out both miraculously talented opponents scored. 

Though Messi beat the French giants in the tournament Mbappe won the Golden Boot award for scoring most goals in a FIFA World Cup. While Argentine player Emiliano Martinez won the Golden Glove award for best Goalkeeper and Enzo Fernandes was titled Young player of the tournament adding to the list of titles for Argentina. 

Is 2022 FIFA World Cup Messi’s last?

Several speculations have surfaced in past few years which said that 2022 FIFA World Cup would be Messi’s last World Cup of his career. Proving all these speculations right, Messi confirmed that this is going to be his last World Cup appearance regardless of if he wins it or not. 

Now that Argentina has lifted the World Cup trophy, Messi, the greatest player of all the time has said that this is his last World Cup. He already once confirmed this fact on October 6 on being asked by Sebestian Vignolo on his show “In First Person” on South American streaming platform star+. 

Speaking on the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Messi said, “Yes, definitely yes. This will be my last World Cup – for sure. This decision has been made. I am counting down the days to the World Cup. There is a bit of anxiety and nerves at the same time.”. 

The 35 years old Argentine will turn 39 by the time 2026 FIFA World Cup in United States arrives and scarcely a bunch of players have participated in the tournament at such age. 

Looking back at his conversation on retirement from International stage, in March 2022 Messi said that he had nothing planned for long term future but put all his focus on his immediate future. After a 3-0 win over Venezuela in CONMEBOL World qualifying match 2022, he told media, “The truth is that I don’t know. I am thinking about what’s coming next… and then the World Cup 2022 in Qatar.”

“The I don’t know. After the World Cup 2022, I will have to assess many things, whether it goes well or not, hopefully in the best way. But surely after the World Cup, many things change.” continued Messi. 

Has Lionel Messi won a World Cup before?

Though the Argentine football legend hadn’t won any world cup title, his legacy remains untarnished. This fact that Messi has never won a World Cup does not diminish the impact he has ever had on the game. There are several greatest players who haven’t won or played any world cup and Lionel Messi adds to the list. But there is no way his talent and prominence can be judged by this. He is considered as the greatest football player on the earth leaving Ronaldo behind to follow up.

Lionel Messi 1st world cupLionel Messi’s 1st World Cup 

It was in 2006 when the Paris Saint-Germain forward made his debut in the FIFA World Cup. He was just a kid back then and even in 2010, he was a less experienced guy dedicated to football. And in 2014, all of the coaches embarked his performance as his best shot at glory although he got defeated. A major role in his development over years was played by Gerardo Salorio. He was among the coaching staff of Argentina at the Under-20 World Cup in 2005 and later with the seniors in Germany helping Messi at each point of his career. 

As Salorio told Goals, “Lionel Messi made the difference, he was blessed when it came to football”. 

Salorio’s statement about Messi’s talent was evident when the 18-year-old Argentine scored on his World Cup debut. He played a 16-minute cameo against Serbia which ended up making him the youngest player to appear at the tournament in Argentina’s long history. But also you have to admit that the tournament was more of a learning curve than a beautiful story with a spicy climax. 

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