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Joshua Kimmich

Joshua Kimmich is a German professional footballer who plays as a right back or defensive midfielder for Bundesliga club Bayern Munich and the Germany National team. Bayern Munich is one of the most expensive and successful clubs on the planet. Bayern Munich right back Joshua Kimmich is known for his aggression, style of playing, versatility and playmaking ability. Due to his playing skills, the German footballer is often compared with Phillip Lahm, captain of Bayern Munich and also considered his successor. It was in 2015, when Joshua Kimmich became a part of Bayern Munich after playing for RB Leipzig’s youth academy where he played for the club’s first team for the first time in 2013. In season 2019-20, Joshua won the continental treble with Bayern Munich and afterwards got included in the FIFA FIFPro Men’s World11, the UEFA Team of the year and was labelled as the UEFA Champions League Defender of the Season. 

Early Years

Joshua Walter Kimmich, also known as Joshua Kimmich was born on February 8, 1995 in Rottweil, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. The 27 years old footballer was born to his mother, Anja Kimmich and father, Berthold Kimmich. Berthold Kimmich once played amateur football and used to give his own motivational pep talks to his son in order to encourage and support him. Currently he is living with his wife, Anja Kimmich in Bosingen, near Rottweil, Germany. He was grown up with her sister Debora Kimmich who, in contrast to her parents, lives much closer to her brother. She lives in Munich in a shared flat rented by his brother. 

Joshua was born very shy and quiet but could be enthusiastic and eccentric on the basis of his parents observation. Joshua is nicknamed Josh Gimmick. Kimmich was raised in a small village of Germany named Bosingen, which is situated between Black Forest and Baden-Württemberg’s capital Stuttgart. 

Bosingen is a rural area with a very small population of over 1700 inhabitants. Football was not such a prominent or common game for Little boys to play in a village with unending emptiness. In such a typical village, playing football became a regular hobby of the upcoming Bayern Munich star. He used to practice football in the front of his garden and backyard. As he played it with complete energy, his forceful kicks used to smash too many windows. Several windows around his home used to get broken due to his aggressive football kicks but his parents never bothered with his destructive tendencies. Instead they used to get the broken window glasses mend or replaced, shattered by their son and his friends. 

Joshua’s parents were also very understanding and appreciated his passion for football. As Joshua puts it, his parents used to give him soccer balls and tell him that “Boys, go over there and enjoy your football”. 

A new chapter of football opened up in Joshua’s life when he along with his friends went to play football in a new park. It ignited the ambitions in him of becoming a footballer. In his childhood, he used to look upon his idols such as Zinedine Zidane, Tomas Rosicky and Bastian Schweinsteiger. Joshua had only these three names on his replica shirt, looking at which anybody can easily figure out what role Kimmich would prefer to choose on the field. 

Kimmich’s passion for football took a solid form when he joined a local youth academy at a young age. This youth team provided him the stage he ever needed to showcase his talent. A memorable moment occurred when his team played against the youth team of Stuttgart, capital of Baden-Wurttemberg. Joshua’s youth team won 3-2 over the Stuttgart team and the most important thing is that all these three goals were scored by him alone. 

That day, Kimmich came into everyone’s eyes. His teammates and scouts including from Stuttgart circled around him competing with each other to obtain his signature for joining. The final decision was left to his parents who refused to allow him to join the training with Stuttgart. His parents changed their mind when the Stuttgart youth team’s coach went to his home personally to persuade his parents. After a few years travelling to and from Stuttgart, Kimmich finally stepped into the world of football when Stuttgart academy opened its door to welcome him in as one of 18 final recruits. 

Kimmich’s Wife

Crush of countless women, the German footballer is married to her wife, Lina Meyer. Lina is majorly popular as the wife of international Footballer, Joshua Kimmich. The couple has been together since 2013 and have a small family of children as well. After conceiving and giving birth to two children successfully, Lina Meyer married the German star in June 2022 nine years after getting in a relationship. Joshua’s wife was also born in Rottweil, Germany the same town as his. She is a professional Volleyball player although she is currently on a break from her career. Though she has her own identity as an individual, after getting into a relationship with the German footballer, she received a lot of love and fan following on Instagram. She can be found on Instagram under @_linamey_. 

Lina Meyer- Wife of Joshua Kimmich

The wife of Bayern Munich star, Lina Meyer was born on May 23, 1992 in Rottweil, Germany, the same town as her husband, Joshua.  Lina is a professional Volleyball player who has taken a break from her career and is serving as a housewife managing household and taking care of children. The German sport couple has been together since 2013 when he was an unknown personality. Kimmich has developed himself into one of the best in his position. Most football fans know him because of his significance in Hansi Flick’s team’s Champions League triumph in 2020. 

Lina was born to her Swedish parents about whom little information is known. But one thing that has been known about her childhood is her love and craze for Volleyball from a very young age. 

She was top in studies as well. After completing high school, she enrolled in a university pursuing law but volleyball kept attracting her. She decided to pursue her career in Volleyball but as soon as she got pregnant, her court activities began to decrease. Currently, she is serving as a caring housewife taking care of two children. Though her volleyball career is on a break since the last few years, her sporting and athletic mind hasn’t changed a bit which is a good thing as well. 

Joshua Kimmich and Lina Meyer’s Love story

With a lot of stress and pressure of achieving more success in career and sports, Lina Meyer has played a vital role in Joshua’s life helping him build a happy and healthy life for himself. Kimmich first met his soulmate in 2013 when he was playing football for RB Leipzig. In the beginning they became best friends and then turned into lovers and finally got into a relationship but their ways had to be separated due to both of their personal reasons. Lina had her studies to complete while Joshua moved to Munich after signing for Bayern Munich. This pushed them into a long term and long distance relationship. 

There in Munich, Joshua focused on developing himself into the best of his version. He scored 33 goals and 75 assists in 281 appearances in his competitions for Bayern Munich alone. The then former Bayern Munich manager, Pep Guardiola had a great influence on him who supported and taught a lot to the Bayern Munich new star. This new generation’s Bayern Munich star’s consistency and new approaches had a greater influence on young footballers who were footing their steps in football. He has always tried his best to maintain the quality of his performance.

Joshua’s hard work and his journey with Bayern Munich led him to be a well-known global star but also made it difficult for him to give time to her love life. European football is getting hectic day by day and this is why the Bayern Munich star had to travel to many different stadiums which made it difficult for him to make time and head back to Rottweil to spend some time with his soulmate.

Joshua and Lina’s Love story came back on track when the volleyball player moved to Munich after completing law. Then, they reunited again and continued living their life together just like before. Even later they had two children before their wedding in June 2022. Yes, the couple tied the knot in June 2022 with their two children present at the wedding ceremony while the third one was in the uterus of Lina. 

Kimmich’s Children

As I already told you that Kimmich shared two children with his wife Lina Meyer until 2022 when she conceived and got pregnant with their third child. The journey of building a family began in 2019 when the couple welcomed their first child, a son. Next year in 2020, their second child, a daughter, was born to them. And finally in early 2022 the news broke out that the German couple was expecting their third child. A few months later in June 2022, Lina announced through her Instagram post that they had decided to marry and officially become a couple. 

Football Career

2006-2007: VfB Bosingen

2007-2013: VfB Stuttgart

2013: RB Leipzig

2013-2015: RB Leipzig

2015: Bayern Munich

National teams

2011: Germany U17

2013: Germany U18

2013-2014: Germany U19

2014-2015: Germany U21

2016- Present: Germany

Early Career

Starting his career with the local youth club, VfB Bosingen, Joshua Kimmich has now become one of the best players in the world and the upcoming Bayern Munich star. But his journey of becoming a football star began at a very early age. At the age of only 11, Kimmich began playing with a youth club and one year later he was signed by another local club of Stuggart, Baden-Wurttemberg. Following his progress and potential, the Stuttgart academy welcomed him as one of its 18 finals recruits with open arms. He had a career in his youth and he used to be the last one to leave the training which was a sign of his determination to make it.

His coaches saw him surpassing his teammates and leaving everyone behind in the game. Coaches didn’t take long to understand his determined character and his versatile dimensions of Play. He developed his best self and soon stepped forward to transform from a youth player into a senior player. Kimmich saw himself as a grownup and a senior mature guy who had surpassed all the youth ranks. This is why he made a request to play for VfB Stuttgart senior team but was in pain after getting rejected. 

One of his coaches told him that he needed one more year with the VfB Stuttgart youth team. It broke him into pieces but he gathered courage and drew strength from his decision to try his luck somewhere else. Then, he saw another opportunity coming to him when his beloved youth team coach moved to RB Leipzig and wanted him there. Kimmich decided to make his fortune with the team. He joined the senior team in 2013 and went on to play for them till 2015.  RB Leipzig was an extremely attack minded team where kimmich’s ball winning abilities in front of a highback sparkled. At such a young age, Kimmich had the power to dominate and this young dominance offered him an opportunity to join Bayern Munich in 2015. He left RB Leipzig with a total of three goals in 56 appearances for the club.

Bayern Munich

On January 2, 2015, Kimmich agreed to play for Bayern Munich and signed a five-year contract running until June 30, 2020. The German footballer made his debut for the Club on August 9 and since then he has been playing for Bayern Munich. Then former manager of Bayern Munich, Pep Guardiola guided him to his Bundesliga debut in September when he entered play as a substitute at home against FC Augsburg.

Four days later, on September 16, Kimmich made his first appearance at UEFA Champions League in Bayern’s tournament at Olympiakos and three days later, he started playing in the Bundesliga with a 90 minutes match against SV Darmstadt 98 in a 3-0 victory. He ended his first season with Bayern Munich with a total of 23 league appearances. 

The German star began his next season 2016-17 as a substitute in a 2-0 win match against Borussia Dortmund in the 2016 DFL-Super Cup. On September 9, he scored his first ever goal for FC Bayern. The player went on to win several victories to his name. In 2021, Kimmich signed a new four years contract that would last until 2026. 

Kimmich’s Interests

Kimmich has shown a keen interest in charity and he loves helping people in need. He also launched an on-line initiative “we kick Corona” during COVID 19 to help social institutions, charitable trusts and NGOs. He did this in partnership with his Bayern teammate Leon Goretzka. Despite all of his efforts and support for “we kick Corona” , he has remained unvaccinated due to which he missed several Bayern Munich matches and Germany National team games. In 2021, he was tested COVID positive experiencing multiple side effects. Thereafter he announced publicly that he was regretful of his carelessness and would get vaccinated soon. 


Since the beginning of his career, Kimmich has won several awards and titles including international and national both. Several titles he has won till now include UEFA Best Defender of the year (2020), UEFA Team of the year(2020), FIFA/ FIFPro World XI (2020) and Euro Team of the Tournament (2016). Other than these, he has won the DFL-SUPER Cup, UEFA Confederations Cup, Euro U19 and many more with Bayern Munich. Kimmich also has won National team caps and goals. 

Joshua Kimmich Net Worth

According to some sources, the net worth of the German player and the upcoming Bayern Munich star is estimated to be $50 million. His 

Endorsements with big brands and football salary make most of part of his income. As of now, his market value is over €70 million. The rich footballer was not rich from birth. Belonging to a middle-class family, Joshua Kimmich made his family rich. It is difficult to imagine for such a middle-class boy to buy cars like Audi but he has done it. He owns a variety of major global brand cars including Audi A5, BMW i8, Audi Q7, Mercedes Benz G 63 and a Range Rover. With a fan following of 515,859 on Instagram, the footballer resides in Munich, Germany with his wife Lina Meyer and two children. 

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