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Manchester City is considered the most dominant Football Club in English football. It reached this stage with the help of some of the best goal scorers of the country who are known as Manchester City’s all-time top scorers. In this article we will introduce you to those Manchester City’s stars. So let’s discuss who City’s all-time top scorers are.

1. Sergio AgueroSergio Ramos

Fulfilling everyone’s expectations, Sergio Aguero topped the list of Manchester City’s all-time top scorers. Did you expect it as well? No one other than Sergio Aguero can be imagined at this spot. To your amazement he has scored 184 goals in total. The Argentine player has been blessed with an opportunity to see his own statue. Yes, his statue was unveiled in Etihad stadium earlier this year.  During his journey of 10 years with Manchester City, he scored many Premier League goals but no less than the strikes.

Raheem Sterling2. Raheem Sterling

Scoring a total of 91 goals, Raheem Sterling is second all-time top scorer of Manchester City and has been credited with more than 100 goals in the Premier League including the 10 he made with Liverpool. Now he is close to crossing the 100 goals target in the league for Manchester City as well. In 2021/2020 he scored 13 goals for England bringing his total of last four to five seasons to 20 at least. Though he scored 20 goals in 2019/20, he lost the Golden boot by three goals only.

3. Yaya Toure Yaya Toure

Yaya Toure has scored 62 goals and become the third all-time top scorer of Manchester City. He became one of the two midfielders in the Premier League who have at least scored 20 goals in one season in 2013/14. Other than him, Frank Lampard did the same. Nobody can remove his name from this list despite the fact that he was unsuccessful to score more than 10 in any of his remaining seven seasons he played for Manchester City

David Silva4.  David Silva

Achieving the target of 60 goals, David Silva being a non striker became one of the Manchester City all time top scorers. He won four trophies at the Etihad stadium under 3 different managers in a decade only. Some other football players in the premier league have also started to score a goal as remarkable as David. 

5. Gabriel JesusGabriel Jesus

Even though Gabriel Jesus has now moved to club Arsenal, he will always be Manchester City’s all time top scorer. So yes he has played his final game and scored his final goal for Manchester City and now continues his career with Arsenal who will see Erling Haaland at the Etihad stadium. Brazilians are undefeated and greatest of all when it comes to football and Jesus is one of them. He has made a lot of memories with Manchester City including the one in 2017/18 when he succeeded to get the club win the Premier League’s first ever 100 point season. It also made the club secure a place in several record books. 

Carlos Tevez6. Carlos Tevez

Before getting the title of Manchester City’s all time top scorer, he used to play for Manchester United as a forward. The change of role could be a little difficult for him but he proved that nothing is impossible for him. In his first season in the Premier League with Manchester City Carlos Tevez scored 23 goals. In total, he has scored 58 goals and became one of Manchester greats. 

7. Kevin de BruyneKevin De Bruyne

Most people who are reading this, must be aware of the greatness of Kevin de Bruyne. He is a Belgian professional footballer who is considered one of the greatest leading figures of Manchester City. In season 2021/22 he gave one of the best performances of his professional football career and scored 15 goals alone for the CITY. He became the second central midfielder in sport history to score four goals in a single game and the club conquered 4-1 wolves towards the end of the season.

Edin Dzeko8. Edin Dzeko

Edin Dzeko is ranked eighth in the list of Manchester City top scorers with 50 goals. Well, his place and significance of his game mythology in City is easy to ignore although his goal was one point of the most significant goals Manchester City has ever scored. He is a tall Bosnian player of City who has scored at least ten goals in his three seasons with the City. His total score in the Premier League reached 16 in the 2013/14 campaign when the club also won another title. 

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