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The Father of American Football

Football has developed a lot over the years but we couldn’t see it today as the game it is now without the efforts, dedication and aspirations of just one man. This one man is very special as he had the spirit of making football universal and led the revolution with an aim to take football to the heights with standardization. So now is the time to announce the name of this one special man who is no one but Walter Camp. He is also called ‘the father of American Football‘. You can consider him the single most influential and effective man in the history of football as he played a significant role in development of traditional football game and distinguish between rugby and football by origins.

Yale Football: The Turning PointFather of American Football

Walter camp was born on April 7, 1859 in New Britain and grew up in the same place. He was an American footballer coach and sports writer. Though his journey began in New Britain, it ended up making him the biggest name in the history of American Football. Raised in new Britain Walter camp enrolled at Yale college in 1876. While in Yale, camp was the member of Yale football team, playing fabulous that he ultimately became the captain of the team. In 1872, the football program was officially launched, that largely followed rugby rules. After completing graduation he joined Bulldogs and began playing for them. Along with this he pursued a degree from Yale medical school in hope of becoming a doctor in future.

Everything aside, Yale football is considered the turning point and camp’s life and Football history.  In 1880, in his senior years he proposed a set of changes to the existing game to inter collegiate Football Association. The rule forming committee agreed to make these changes that included most of the modern basic rules we are aware of, such as team of 11 members, the Quarter back position, offensive signal calling, the line of scrimmage and many more.

Coaching and Writing Career of the Legend Player

Camp used to play football and his college years but he pursued a degree that suggested he was going to become a doctor. But his post graduation life took a different turn and made him serve as the football coach at Yale and Stanford from 1888 to 1892. At Yale his teams won 67 games while lost only 2. His teams also have been recognized to win three championships of 1888, 1891 and 1892. But he retired from coaching after a time and then he continued to express his love for his favorite sport through words. 

He loved and enjoyed this game with such a high intensity that it was hard for him to stay away from his beloved sport. He further chose to become a businessman and a sports writer. The player started to write about football and wrote nearly 30 books and over 250 magazine articles. 

In 1951, the college football of Fame announced its inaugural class in which it also included the Father of American Football, honoring the man’s efforts and dedication to shape the American football and the football game we watch today.

Inside the American Player’s Personal Life 

It is very interesting to know someone’s personal life who you have only seen professionally. Aren’t you excited to know if the father of American Football has the same kind of legendary life in private as he has professionally? If yes, so get ready to have a glimpse inside the player, coach and writer’s family.

The famous Camp has been married to Alice Graham Sumner, the sister of sociologist William Graham Sumner since June 30, 1888. The player shares two children with his beloved wife Alice: Walter Camp Jr. Who was born in 1891 and attended Yale just like his father. He was also elected as a member of scroll and key in 1912.

The second child of the father of American Football is Janet Camp Troxell who was born six years later in 1897. The great American footballer died on March 14, 1925 and was buried with his wife and children in Grove Street Cemetery in New Haven.

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