The Football Stories

20 Amazing Facts About Football


Football was invented around 476 BC in China, where it was known as Cuju.

According to FIFA, Football is the world’s most popular and most watched sport.


The FIFA World Cup finals are one of the most watched finals in the world.


The second Bangkok league played in 1999 was World’s Largest Tournament ever.  More than 35,000 players participated in it. 


The world’s oldest football club is in England, it's named Sheffield football club. It was was founded on October 24, 1857


A goal in just 2.8 seconds. Yes, that's right.  In 1998, Ricardo Olivera made it possible.


Can you imagine that not one or two but five football players’ names helped keep the name of asteroids?


There is a Dutch football club which is often called NAC Breda. This is its short name because its actual name contains 83 letters.


23 goals in a match at the age of 13 only. Yes, that's Ronaldo. He did it in 1988 in a match played in Brazil.


Goalkeepers cover a distance of 7 miles at least. That's when the game lasts for only 90 minutes and players take a 15 min break.


Did you know that football is played in 210 countries of the world followed by basketball which is played in 195 countries.


Every FIFA World Cup finale is dominated European countries. One of them always made it to the finals except two World cups.


Do you know that only two countries in the whole world call football soccer. These two are America and Canada. 


First football international match was played on November 30 1872 between England and Scotland. This match resulted in a draw with the score of both teams 0.


Two matches in a single day!  In the 90s, several teams played two matches in a day.


Even though America and Canada call football, soccer they did not coin this term in the first place. England came up with this word but stopped using it 35 years ago.


The world’s biggest football stadium is in a dictator ruled country North Korea. The Rungrado 1st of May Stadium is the biggest football stadium you will ever come across.


Japan is known for the life expectancy of its citizens. One of them is Kazuyoshi Miura who is 53 years old and still plays football for Yokohama FC at forward position for his club.


When it comes to football, Brazil is the champion. There is no country or team Brazil cannot defeat except one. Norway has played four times with Brazil and emerged victorious twice.


Brazilian footballers are the greatest of all time. One of them is Rogerio Ceni, who has scored more goals than any other player in the whole world.