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What are The 4 Major Trophies?

Football is the god of sports as no other sport is that much popular among fans and worshipped by them. You will be shocked to know that some fans believe that Football is their god and they respect it as much as they respect god. All this aside, rewards play a crucial role to take a sport to such heights and create the gold players. And when rewards become so important in a game, they are also divided into levels from highest to lowest. 

Though we are not going to talk about that hierarchy, we will get some detailed information about the 4 major trophies in the world. You will lose the count when it comes to the Major Trophies in football as it has innumerable number of awards and titles. But we have already got the major trophies to focus on. So let’s begin.

1. The Premiership TrophyThe Premiership Trophy

Every active footballer in England is curiously chasing the The Premiership Trophy as it is the most sought award in English football. This trophy has seen some of the best players as its receivers, some best games and goals ever scored in the history of football. So, the format of the competition goes like 20 participant teams who compete in 38 games over the course of the season which counts a total of 380 matches. 

The Premier League, which is one of the most popular and successful leagues in the history of world Football, was founded in 1992. Till now it has been awarded for 20 times out of which it has been won 12 times by Manchester United, 3 times by Arsenal and Chelsea both, 1 time by Manchester City and Blackburn each. Currently, Manchester City is holding this prestigious trophy. 

2. Champions League TrophyThe Premiership Trophy

The Champions league has always been a huge level of competition that every eligible team is struggling to get into. Since its foundation in 1955, it has been a great success for progressing clubs like Manchester United (3 time winner), Liverpool (5 time winner) and Nottingham Forest (2 times winner). This competition is a stage for bringing all the major clubs of the country together. The Champions League is a competition popular across all Europe. 

A team can only enter the Champions League if they have finished in a particular place at the end of the league season (better be 1st-4th). Beginning with group stages, each 4 teams play 6 games. The group stage inself works as a mini league of which two winners are advanced to the knockout stage. Just like other ordinary and extraordinary games, after the knockout stage, teams will play homes and away games and on the basis of number of goals final winner will be determined. Currently, Chelsea is holding this pride and valuable Trophy. 

3. The FA Cup TrophyThe FA Cup Trophy

The Football Association Trophy is definitely of special significance as it takes fans and spectators’ minds off the league for once at least. It is the place for those who find difficulty to showcase their talent in league competitions due to access issues. Here players from lower divisions get a powerful chance to play against the most powerful and successful players in the world. The FA Cup becomes the hand behind several rising stars as underdogs have a more evident opportunity to bring the best players down on the pitch. 

Founded in 1871, the FA Cup has been a huge success for Manchester United which has a record for winning it for 11 times. Luckily, all the football teams in England enter the initial stage of competition and a draw is made. The selected teams play against each other just like in the knockout stage. As usual, when the competition reaches its end the winner is announced. And Currently, The Champions League winner Chelsea is holding this trophy as well.

4. The World Cup trophyThe World Cup trophy

The FIFA World Cup is undisputedly the highest International level trophy a player can dream of. This is also the most popular trophy in football given that the World Cup is considered the most important in the world. Billions of audience watch it live which makes its immense popularity more evident. The World Cup makes people think and come together for their nation instead of supporting a particular player of the league or another country. It raises a feeling of nationalism in the heart of citizens for a certain time.

Founded in 1930 in Uruguay, the FIFA World Cup has been held every four years. But the process of Qualification for the next World Cup begins right after one World Cup. Every registered nation competes to qualify for the tournament and then selected teams get wet with sweat to lift the major trophies. The teams in the tournament represent people from all the continents and the tournament starts with the group stage. Eight groups of four teams each are organised and the 16 winning teams progress to Round of 16. In the final whichever team out of two gets the most goals wins the game. 

Currently, Argentina holds the World Cup trophy which is 13 Lbs heavy and made of 75% 18ct gold. Till now, Brazil has won the major trophies most times (five). While Italy comes second with the second most highest number of wins (four).

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