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What Country Has The Most Wins in Soccer?

There are more than one countries who have won the highest level of competition in Soccer multiple Times. The FIFA World Cup has been won by eight countries only while its 21 editions have been played since 1930. The countries winning the most tournament titles are an Elite group. These nations have a long and rich history of incompatible World class talent. These nations have been creating the top class greatest players every year and that’s why they come up with different energy and passion in the World Cup held every four years. 

FIFA has 211 member nations out of which only eight countries have succeeded to win the Soccer titles. Six of them have won the World Cup titles multiple Times except for two countries including Spain and England. Both these are the only countries to win the World Cup once. Another interesting fact is that despite becoming champion for once, there are three countries who have played in more world cup finals than Spain and England. Three of them are European nations named the Netherlands, Czech republic and Hungary.World Cup FOotball

Who has the most wins in Soccer?

When it comes to soccer football players and the Nations they come from are the most important component of the sport. There is always a similarity in the list of nations with most wins and the list of nations the best players hail from. Pele, Maradona, Diego, Gerd Muller and many more players have won the most soccer titles playing crucial roles in lifting the world cup. A team can only lift a world cup when it has the bestest players. This is why players are the most important component of Soccer. 

Pele, one of the greatest footballers in the world hails from Brazil. Brazil is not just the hometown of the world’s best players but also is the country with the most wins in Soccer. It explains the above written statement. Brazil has won the FIFA World Cup five times out of which three times Pele played for the team. He is the only player to win the World Cup title three times. Many Brazilian players have won the Soccer title twice with Brazil winning three world cups in four tournaments from 1958 to 1970 frequently. 

Brazil has successfully built its image as the best performing and most successful country at the World Cup. Despite winning its last title 20 years ago in 2002 it remains the country with the most World Cup wins. It has made a record after winning 5 world cup championships (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002) in Soccer history. After Brazil, Germany (1954, 1974, 1990 and 2014) and Italy (1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006) came in second place in the list winning 4 World cups each.  Argentina, Uruguay and France, the current champion, have won the World Cup twice only. While Spain and England have won one world cup each.

Did you know?

Here are some interesting facts to note regarding these World Cup wins. Did you know that the nation with the most World Cup wins, Brazil, has only played one world cup final with Germany ( country with second most Soccer wins -4) between 1950 and 2002. Yes, the FIFA World Cup final never featured both of these countries together from 1950 to 2002 except for one time. This exception is when in 1978 Argentina defeated the Netherlands. 2002 was the sole tournament finals in which Brazil and Germany played each other.

One more thing that is not listed in the list of nations with most wins is the efforts of the Netherlands. The Netherlands put its everything into winning the tournament. Yet, despite making three world cup finals appearances, the Netherlands lost against the trio of Spain, West Germany and Argentina. 

If you are a true football fan, you should know that the host of the FIFA World Cup changes every time. It is always interesting from a neutral fan’s perspective to see which host nation performs well in its own soil. There are many countries who have won the tournament on their own soil with the full support. With strong support, it becomes a little easier for National teams to win the tournament but it also creates excitement and pressure on the hosting nation to perform well. Uruguay, France, Italy, Argentina, Germany and England are those countries who have won the World Cup on their own soil at some point. 

Surprisingly, despite being the nation with the most world cup wins, Brazil is not one of them. It has never won the World Cup on its own soil, especially during the two times when it hosted. In 1950, everyone watched Brazil losing against Uruguay on international TV while more than 150,000 fans watched it lose in the finals. Later, in 2014 it again had the chance to win the World Cup for sixth time but on its own soil. Brazil was not even able to reach finals as it lost in semifinals 7-1 .

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