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Which country is the Father of Football?

The fact is not hidden from anyone that the first Professional football league was founded in England in 1888. Football is the most popular and most watched sport on this planet. Since the introduction of ball games, football has been developing constantly. In the 20th century, several forms of football came to be introduced and gained a lot of popularity including American football. 

American football is a modified version of British football as it developed from it. British football has its origin in Ancient Rome where it was known as hare football or field hockey. But what it was in Ancient Rome is Ancient football which is far more different from the game you see today. The football you see today is Modern football with modernized rules and methods. Modern football was invented by British resident William Gilbert in England who instituted the first codified set of rules in 1867.

The football association was founded in 1863 which introduced the new codified set of rules of football. It also organized and controlled the international tournaments before the establishment of FIFA in 1904. The word association means a group of people with the same interest who work together to achieve their United goals. It can be in any field to manage things including sports, business, social campaigns, etc. 

If we look back in the 1800s, football was not a popular sport of England while it was the one to invent Modern football. The early versions of the game were a lot different than the game you see today. These were more fierce, aggressive and dangerous. Also it was more like Rugby. All of these games were considered synonyms. In 1866, Sir Frederick Alymer, 2nd Baronet of, adopted these rules of British Rugby in the University of Cambridge. This event was then followed by the creation of a new differentiated sport called Rugby Football. 

Which country is the creator of Football?

When we talk about the history of Football the first question comes to our minds is which country is the creator of football. Modern football has its origin in England in 1863 when the first football association was founded, followed by the Scottish football association one year later. In 1866, Rugby Football and Association football were distinguished as independent sports. Association football is also known as soccer. 

Terms “football” and “Soccer” both were founded in England. Reference to word football was found in a newspaper article of 1866. The author of the article distinguished rugby football and soccer which was popular in England by then. He wrote the former is known as football in this country. The word “Soccer” also appeared in an English Magazine in 1875. But its meaning was rather different. It was used as a derogatory term for British football players or fans. While the Magazine editor explained it as a term for people who played foreign sports like rugby and American football. 

Which country invented football?

Though it is true that football has its traces into China thousands of years ago. China invented the earliest form of football. Modern football was invented in England in 1863 by Sir Frederick Alymer who published the new set of rules. It was called association football or Soccer. The new laws of the game were developed by Englishmen Henry Sturmey and Welshmen Evan James. In 1889, they also published a book with the same name called “Laws of the game”.

This could also be called a turning point in International Football. The first international tournament (Modern football with modern set of rules) was held between England and Scotland at Edinburgh’s Caledonian Stadium on 31st August 1872. England defeated Scotland 1-0, thanks to the goal scored by Fred Archer. 

Before we move on to our top question, which country is the Father of Modern football, it is necessary to know why modern football was invented. What was the need? The earlier forms of football lacked uniformity of rules and organization and they were more fierce and violent, Several other problems led to its evolution. It evolved over years and finally when in a meeting in 1948, someone proposed the idea of a unified set of rules, it was accepted for further discussion. After 15 years, in 1863 modern football was invented in order to solve problems. 

Soon after Modern football came into existence, the official international football matches were organized. It provided the best international teams of the world with an opportunity to compete and become the world champion. 

Father of FootballWhich country is the Father of football?

The most important question. Which country is the Father of football? Which country is the greatest of all when it comes to football? Answer to this question is very obvious. England is known as the father of football as it is the leading country for men’s football. England was also the first country where modern football was invented and its rules were codified. Founded in 1863 Football association set out the set of new unified rules for football. 

England has played a very significant role in developing the game of football and taking it to the heights. England also became the first country to play its first official international football match in 1872, which was against Scotland. Later in 1904 in Switzerland federation of international Football association (FIFA) was founded. England became one of its founding members and has been one since then. 

Another reason to call England the father of football is that the individual who introduced the offside rule was also an Englishman from England. All the credit of the standardization of football you are experiencing today goes to England. Well, coming out of history, now several countries of the world are emerging as football champions with record breaking players. More than 210 countries on the planet play football and billions of people watch it everyday. With new players emerging as new generation football stars, the competition is getting tough day by day. Yet, Nations are giving their best to win World Cups. Several most successful clubs have come into existence including Read Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain. These clubs are paying tons to purchase bestest footballers like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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