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Which is The Most Valuable Trophy in Football?

Nobody needs to estimate the most valuable trophy because it’s really apparent. There is one most famous and prestigious Football trophy that is given every four years following which a list of expensive and valuable trophies is there. The value of these trophies make the winners of competition realize the importance of winning that trophy. Working hard enough to get these trophies is worth it. So, without further delay let’s take a look at those prestigious trophies which have got the title of being most valuable now. Valuable Trophies

1. FIFA World Cup Trophy

A footballer might win every possible Football award but their career goals will still be underachieved if they don’t win the FIFA World Cup trophy. FIFA is the highest level Football organising body and every four years it holds a World Cup in different countries. It has been awarded since 1930 in the event FIFA holds every four years. A total of 32 teams compete for this one trophy in each tournament. In contrast to other trophies, it’s the Gold Trophy made by an Italian artisan, Silvio Gazzaniga. The country who has the most number of this trophy is Brazil followed by Italy. Most importantly, the trophy worth $20,00,000 is currently in possession of Argentina.

2. Copa Libertadores Trophy

You might be a little astonished to see Copa Libertadores on the second spot rather than Premier League or FA Cup as they are much more famous than anyone. But best doesn’t have to shout out loud. So, yes South American League’s top trophy Copa Libertadores ranks second among most valuable trophies. The league was introduced in 1960 and consists of 18 clubs currently. The trophy is made of sterling silver and a silver coated bronze and costs $8.5 million.

3. UEFA Europa League Trophy

UEFA competitions are one of the most popular and successful in terms of audience. They are not just watched in Europe but their fans are all across the world. This trophy is awarded to the winner of UEFA Europa League competition where the teams from all Europe contest against each other. Unlike the FIFA World Cup trophy, it is a silver metallic trophy worth $4.5 million with a yellow base.

4. FA Cup Trophy

Interestingly, The FA Cup Trophy has the longest history as it’s the oldest football competition in England. Sparking up this journey of European Cup, Arsenal became the first team to lift the admirable trophy. And now, Arsenal holds the record for most FA Cup titles. Just like Copa Libertadores, it is also made up of sterling silver and costs a total of $1,180,000. 

5. Ballon d’or Trophy

How could someone who has this craze for football or football players not know about the Ballon d’or Trophy. It’s undisputedly one of the most prestigious awards for an individual player in football. It gives recognition to an individual player as the best player of the year. It’s originally a French award made by a French jeweller in 1956. Ballon d’or is awarded every year to the player voted for most brilliant and jaw dropping performance in both club and country. 

This trophy is made up of an alloy of brass and gold and weighs 12 kg. The most number of Ballon d’or is held by Lionel Messi alone (7). Following him, Cristiano Ronaldo became the player with the second most Ballon d’or award (5). Currently, the French striker Karim Benzema holds this trophy and pride.

6. African Cup of Nations Trophy

Although the African Cup of Nations Trophy is not much exposed to the whole world, it’s of extreme significance for the nations of the African subcontinent. Having ranked sixth in this list of most valuable trophies, it’s also one of the most prestigious awards in African Football especially. The most number of trophies have been won by Egypt while the 2021 winner of this incredible award worth $150,000 is Algeria. 

7. Serie A Trophy

As the name suggests, The trophy belongs to the Italian league, one of the top European leagues. Also known as Scuddeto, the Italian league trophy was made in 1960. Ettore Calvelli was the one who designed and made this trophy. The trophy has a blue sodalite base and some gold rings which overall make it 8 kg heavier. The 58 cm high trophy costs a total of $66,000. The trophy seems to have a deepest connection with Juventus FC as the club lifted it 36 times. 

8. Bundesliga Meisterschale

As the name suggests, the Bundesliga Meisterschale belongs to the German league Bundesliga for which it was made in 1964 by the renowned artist and professor, Elisabeth Treksow. FC Koln was the first team to lift the Bundesliga Meisterschale title in 1964. The incredible award carries out the weight of 11 kg and is made up of majorly silver and a tourmaline weighing 71.98 carats and a little gold. The trophy is valued at $57,102 in total.

9. UEFA Champions League Trophy

The most iconic and remarkable Football trophy in the world. Like the FIFA World Cup, it is also a trophy to win in which 32 teams compete against each other. Mostly, the teams which qualify for the competition are the four top teams of different leagues in Europe. There’s respect and holiness which come along with this trophy. It’s unspoken words inspire tons of players to play hard and win this. It is valued at a total of $15,000 and made up of pure silver. 

10. English Premier League Trophy

It’s completely unexpected to see the English Premier League trophy in this position as the English Premier League is one of the top successful as well as popular leagues in the world. And yet, it’s at tenth. Being one of the Oldest football leagues in the world, the iconic Premier League trophy is made up of silver, gilded silver, a precious and valuable gem found in Africa and Malachite. All of it makes it cost upto $10,000. 

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