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Which Trophy is The Best in The World?

This fact is well known by most people that football is the most popular sport so far. It’s not just a sport but has become a fully furnished multi-billion pound Industry just in Europe. If we talk about the world, its value would be out of our imagination. It’s popularity is across the world. In other words, it has become a household game. Anyone can play it anywhere from a small public park of ground to these demarcated grounds made especially for Football. 

In football, there are several prestigious awards presented or given to players. These highly valuable awards have their own significance. Some of them are FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League Trophy, UEFA European Championship Trophy, etc. These trophies are regarded as the best trophies in the world in terms of expensive, prestige, popularity and value. Which Trophy is The Best in The World

1. FIFA World Cup Trophy

FIFA World Cup is the biggest international competition organised by FIFA. And probably it’s the best trophy any team could win. It has a sense of pride and pleasure with it which is transferred to a team along with the hard core. Winning this trophy is the most incredible feeling for an international player. This trophy works as a glue which binds a country in a single thread. Basically, it promotes unity in a country. Officially it was first presented in 1930 to Uruguay and in Uruguay. Since then, the tournament has been held every four years.

2. UEFA Champions League Trophy

The second most expensive and prestigious award given in football. After FIFA, UEFA’s three main competitions hold the most importance and are among the most sought Trophies in the world. The UEFA Champions League is one of the most watched tournaments across the world. Billions of people just spend the whole time watching the game and the winner. You would be surprised to know that due to its large handles, its nicknamed “big ears’ ‘. Also, unlike the FIFA World Cup, English teams have won this pride award 12 times. 

3. UEFA European Championship Trophy

Another main UEFA competition, widely known as “the Euros”, this competition is quite similar to the FIFA World Cup. It is also held every four years but only open for European teams. 24 European teams participate in the contest for the trophy but only one can win. The trophy given in the competition is called Henri Delaunay in honour of first General Secretary of UEFA who came up with the idea of European Championship. Henri Delaunay Trophy is a 60 cm tall trophy made of solid silver and it weighs 8 kilograms. Trophy is accompanied by gold medals to Commemorate their victory. 

4. Copa America

First being introduced in 1916, Copa America is one of the longest standing continental competitions in the world. It generally allows teams associated with CONMEBOL and two guest nations to participate and play in the tournament. The most frequent guest nations include Mexico, US and Costa Rica. On winning the tournament, players get the most beautiful trophy made of stunning silver. Trophy is 77 cm tall and 9 kg heavy. Copa America trophy consists of three level wooden base upon which plagues are attached with winner names engraved. 

5. FA Cup

It’s one of the widely famous Football tournaments which came into existence in 1871. Therefore, it also remains one of the longest standing football competitions. It is an annually held knockout contest which involves Premier League teams. This competition is popular for what is known as “giant killings” because lower division teams go against the odds and beat knockout teams. Every year, one team wins the tournament and get the FA Cup Trophy. But none of them gets the original one. 


Original one was stolen in 1895 while Aston Villa had it and since then it was never seen again. So, a duplicate trophy was used but a new design trophy replaced it in 1911. A replica for the 1911 original trophy was produced in 1992 to give to the winning teams in case again something happens with the original one. Currently, the new design original trophy is in force which is made of sterling silver and weighs 6.3 kg.

6. Premier league Trophy

Despite being restricted to European teams, Premier League is one of the most watched tournament around the world. People across the planet are big fans of this competition. It olny involves English teams which is quite shocking but this is how it is. It has been held every year since 1992 and surprisingly during all these years only six teams managed to win Premier League. These are Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Blackburn Rovers and Leicester City. 


This trophy very special because it represents three lions associated with English football. Also, its structure is quite impressive as it is made of sterling silver with a gold crown on the top. Its base is made of Malachite with a silver strip around it on which names of winning teams are engraved. 

7. La Liga Trophy

La Liga is the top division Spanish league as well as the Spanish National tournament. This tournament features 20 best Spanish teams. The tournament is usually held between August and May consisting of over 38 rounds where Qualified teams fight for the trophy. Apart from this, this current La Liga trophy is vase shaped. It apparently shows football and world. While it’s base is wrapped with a blue band. Trophy also demonstrates the new La Liga logo. 

8. Africa Cup of Nations

First being introduced in 1957, the Africa Cup of Nations takes place every two years. This tournament features 25 best Football teams of Africa. Since its foundation, every team in Africa is trying to dominate the tournament and prove themselves the best ever team of South Africa. Currently, the title of best team in Africa goes to Egypt which has a total of seven victories to their name. The current trophy given to the winner of the tournament is a gold plated cup which was originally made in Italy. The incredibly designed trophy features a globe model surrounding by footballs. 

9. Confederations Cup

Confederation Cup is held by the same country which hosts FIFA World Cup. It’s also one of the best highly watched and popular competitions and a great opportunity to filter the best rivals for teams participating in upcoming World Cup. The Confederations Cup trophy features a golden model of the globe on the top of the vertical column. The column has two gold ribbons wrapped around it in a festive and dynamic movement. It’s design is quite similar to the FIFA World Cup trophy as it also features globe as well as twisted column.

10. Copa del Rey

Sitting at tenth place as one of the top ten best trophies, Copa del Rey has one of the most beautiful and stunning Trophies in entire Europe. Although the trophy is simple, its design is little sophisticated. After Sevilla FC triumph in 2010, a new trophy was made. The new Trophy is made of stunning silver and weighs 15 kg. The 75 cm tall trophy was inaugurated in 2011 by being awarded to Real Madrid. 

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