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Who Has The Highest Goals in Football History?

Ronaldo, the former Manchester United forward has made the record for most goals. He is the leading goal scorer in the world but so is Messi. To mention, widely famous Argentinian is known for his goal scoring ability and the talented forward scored two goals in the final to win the World Cup Qatar. 

Despite becoming the World Cup Champion in 2022, Messi is yet a mile away from becoming the top goal scorer in the world. Leaving Ronaldo behind with most goals is not as easy as it seems. Ronaldo holds the record for most goals over the course of his entire career leading him to become the top goal scorer of all time. 

The incredibly gifted Portuguese charm has beaten everyone to register his name at the top of world history’s scoring charts. No one in world football has ever scored more goals than Ronaldo. 

Though Messi surpassed all the incredible and legendary players like Ferenc Puskas, Pele and Romario to move to third place in the list of highest goals, Ronaldo remains the top goal scorer of all time. Ronaldo and Messi are some mandatory names for highest goals but who else? Who else made it to the list of top ten highest goal scorers? Let’s take a look at these remarkable names who have registered their name in history’s statistics chart.

1. Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo

The former Manchester United forward Ronaldo has scored a total of 819 goals in 1144 games till now. He has also won the title for top goalscorer of all time. Ronaldo’s ability to score has been a great success for Real Madrid, Juventus and Manchester United. 

The great Ronaldo is widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time with almost every football title to his name except for the World Cup. He has always performed well in games and is still going strong even after crossing 35. 

The Portuguese now stands out for scoring the highest number of goals leaving his Argentinian rival behind. He reached the mark of 819 goals after his latest strike against Ghana in the Qatar world cup. This goal made him the only player to score at five different World Cups. 

2. Josef BicanJosef Bican

Josef Bican has scored a total of over 805 goals in over 530 appearances during his Football career (1931-56). It is said that he actually scored around a total of 1500 goals during his career but FIFA recognizes only 805 of them as official. 

The amazing footballer scored 395 goals in 217 appearances for Slavia Prague leading Bican to claim the prestigious title for leading Football goal scorer of all time for more than 60 days. 

3. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

The Argentinian giant is the true legend. Though he is not the top leading goal scorer, he has a better rate of scoring than the Portuguese forward Ronaldo. Since 2003, he has recorded 798 goals in 1003 games leading him to become the third top player with highest goals. 

His goal scoring ability is no surprise as has won a lot of titles and achievements for goals at Barcelona where he spent most of his career. Seven Ballon d’or awards are some major awards of his life. 

The PSG legend is just a few steps away from moving to the top given that Messi scored seven goals at the Qatar World Cup including the two he won in penalty shootout win over France in the final in order to lift the World Cup trophy. These two goals are probably the most special goals in his entire career. 

4. RomarioRomario

The reason behind Brazil’s successful win at the 1994 World Cup is no one but Romario. His outstanding and mind-blowing performance at the World Cup and his five goals that he scored led Brazil to lift the trophy in that FIFA tournament. 

Scoring 772 goals in 994 games in total, Romario was the Ronaldo of his generation. He was a leading goal scorer during his career (1985-2007) which was as lavish as white house. He enjoyed a successful career at a number of major clubs all over the globe.

5. PelePele King of Football

Pele is often regarded as the god of football succeeded by Messi. Messi is said to be his heir. He is the greatest footballer of all time ever and can never be replaced by someone else as he won three World Cups in his career. 

Pele is claimed to have earned more than 1000 scores in his entire career though only 757 are officially registered. During his career of 20 years (1957-77), Pele played 831 games while scored almost one goal per game in his 656 games for Santos. 

6. Ferenc PuskasFerenc Puskas

Ferenc Puskas is the Hungarian professional footballer who scored more than 746 goals in over 754 games he played during his entire career (1943-66). He is an iconic athlete who is honoured to be the sixth top goal scorer of all time. He also got the most beautiful goal of the year named after him. 

Puskas gained fame in European city Budapest before strengthening his roots in Real Madrid. The then known leading goal scorer Puskas is widely famous for his two goals he scored in Hungary’s not too known 6-3 win over England and the 1953 match at Wembley which was later named as the ‘Match of the Century’.

7. Gerd MullerGerd Muller

Gerd Muller, the famous striker has scored a total of 734 goals in 793 games in his entire career (1962-1981). Known for his most significant goal for West Germany in 1969, the striker helped Germany to win the 1974 world cup over Netherlands in Munich. 

The German international spent 15 years playing for Bayern Munich where he recorded 365 goals in 427 appearances in the Bundesliga. Muller also scored 66 goals in 74 European games. 

The Bayern striker netted a record of 40 goals in a single Bundesliga season which stayed untouched until Robert Lewandowski broke it in May 2021. 

8. Ferenc DeakFerenc Deak

Another Hungarian star Ferenc Deak has made it to the list of top ten goal scorers of all time. Deak has played a countless number of games in his career while scoring over 576 goals. He was one of the leading goal scorers of that time in his country. 

His 17 years long career ended up making him an ideal legend in his country if not in the entire world. Though the number of games he played is unknown, interestingly he scored average three goals per game during his playing days at Szentlorinc AC. 

9. Uwe SeelerUwe Seeler

Here comes our great German footballer Uwe Seeler who scored more than 575 goals in his entire career (1953-78). His unrealistic goal scoring ability and performance led him to become one of the top ten leading goal scorers of all time. 

Seeler scored twice in just one game he played for Ireland’s Cork Celtic in 1978. This moment is probably one of the most remarkable moments of his career. Interestingly, the German player appeared in four World Cups for his country and captained the West Germany team as well to 1966 final. 

10. Tulio MaravilhaTulio Maravilha

Last but not the least, Tulio Maravilha is the tenth top goal scorer of all time making it to this list. Tulio belonged to the country which has the most World Cup wins in football history. The Brazilian footballer had an eye for goal. 

He perfectly knew how to turn a penalty into a goal. The recently retired Tulio scored a total of 575 goals in all the competitions he played at 40 different clubs in his career. 

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