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Who has the Most Skills in FIFA?

Skill is what we need to sustain our lives, and it is becoming increasingly skill-based. People are supposed to have greater skills to achieve success. In absolute words, skill is what decides the market value of an individual. The same goes for football. Skills are not just a facet of dribbling but also play an important role in usual games. It could be incredibly fun to be used in a game. If you want to use effective skill moves, you require a lot more subtle skills such as ball roll and something even more extraordinary. 

If anyone wants their players to play outstanding or whatever else you expect, the best five-star skillers in FIFA 22. They just had to have every skill move they might require. 

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best five-star skillers in the game including Neymar Jr, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Mbappe who have already been named in the list of highest-rated players in FIFA 22. We have ranked these incredibly talented stars based on their overall rating, performance, and the number of five-star skills they have in terms of the football game. Skilled Footballers

Top best 5-star skilled footballers:

1. Kylian Mbappe

Not just the 5-star skilled, Mbappe has also been titled as one of the highest-rated and fastest players in FIFA 22. He is currently playing as a striker for the Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain. At such a young age, he makes £198,000 p/w with his estimated market value being £166.8 million. Mbappe is the fastest and the top 5-star skiller with an overall rating of 91 and the attributes – 97 acceleration, 97 sprint speed, 93 reactions, 93 dribblings, 93 finishing, and 92 agility. 

He is the greatest striker with his name being listed in three consecutive lists of FIFA 22. Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see him making it here, as we are already aware of his potential which is to put in a number, 95. In FIFA 22, he has become one of the top overrated and overpowered players regardless of his somewhat less empowered performances. 

2. Neymar Jr

Here comes the second PSG superstar who made it to this list of best 5-star skillers. Again, it shouldn’t come as a shock to you that the PSG Left-winger made it to this list because he has already been named as one of the seven top-rated footballers in FIFA 2022 with an overall rating of 91. Being Mbappe’s PSG teammate, he can be considered as one of the greatest talented players on the earth and the listings of FIFA 22 make it clear.

The 29-year-old well-known superstar has enjoyed a career full of recognition and popularity. To name some of his highest-rated attributes: 96 agility, 95 dribblings, 95 ball control, 93 acceleration, 93 penalties, and 93 composure. He is anonymously the most talented footballer of his generation with the support of Barcelona fans, PSG, and other significant people. Neymar’s record-breaking transfer of €222 million will forever be a remarkable part of his football history. Being one of the highest-paid footballers at PSG, Neymar earns £232,000 p/w with a market value of £110.9 million. 

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is the grey footballer of all time with countless undefeatable skills. Regardless of the popular remarks on his personal life, he remains the first preference of people. He is identified for revolutionizing the football field with his completely different approach. He plays for Manchester United and now he is 36 with countless crazy fans and fame around the globe. He earns £232,000 p/w and his market value is £38.7 million. 

Talking about his 5-star skills, dribbling is not the only one he has. Stating a fact, FIFA 22 ratings list has included his name with an overall rating of 91. And the gold basic card rates his attributes in the following manner; 95 finishing, 95 composure, and 95 jumpings. These are the skill moves he is known for. Isn’t he? It’s not all, his 88 sprint speed and 93 long shots add to his list of fascinating achievements. The eye-catching forward is a favor for the former Manchester United as no matter what he remains the greatest footballer of all time. 

4. Jadon Sancho

Here comes the Manchester United star Jadon Sancho who plays as right midfielder for the club. He is ranked fourth in terms of containing most skills as a footballer with an overall rating of 87. Jadon has achieved success at the age of 21 only with a golden card for his special attributes which helped him make it to this list. The Manchester United midfielder has a bunch of attributes rated above 90 including 92 dribbling, 91 agility, 90 balance and 90 ball control. Apart from these, his vision is rated 87 while short pass is 87. 

The 21 year old plays for England too with his irreplaceable talent and attributes which make him an ideal technical and physical profile for a dribbler. His attributes like vision and short pass provide the proof that he is a creative personality as well. In his early career, Sancho played for Borussia Dortmund followed by an expensive transfer to Old Trafford. He scored 114 goals and assists with Borussia Dortmund. Sancho’s five stars skills earn him £129,000 p/w and the market value being £100.2 million. 

5. Paul Pogba

Being the teammate of Jadon Sancho, Paul Pogba also plays as centre midfielder for the Premier League club Manchester United. The 28 year old Paul Pogba has made it to the list of five star skillers with an overall rating of 87 as same as Jadon. Paul better plays with his right foot and with such high ratings, he has made a definite career out of his midfielding. Since the time Paul returned to the United, he has been showcasing his skills with incredibly shaped goal scoring ability. 

There’s no doubt that FIFA gave him such high ratings for his skills including 92 long passes, 90 ball control, 90 short power, 89 strength, 89 vision and 88 composure. The United midfielder is waiting to sign a renewed deal with United at Old Trafford. So it means that he still had a chance to sign up for any other club until this summer. Though the youth footballer doesn’t have a certain future in the field, he makes an amount of £189,000 p/w with market value being £68.4 million. 

6. Angel Di Maria

Angel Di Maria, one of the most successful, popular and prominent faces of Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain, is named as one of the best five star skillers by FIFA with an overall rating of 87. Having Angel in this list might not be surprising as you must have heard or seen his name before in several different lists. He is one of the best right wingers of PSG which is one of the most expensive and highest paying clubs in the world. He has always been known for his expertise in dribbling, final ball and other tremendous skills. 

Though his speed may be slowed down with age, his attributes are still highly rated. He is still considered a creative forward with attributes like 94 agility, 91 curve, 88 FK ACC. 88 dribbling, 88 Crossing and 88 vision. After gaining fame from La Liga club Real Madrid, Angel moved to Manchester United. His most significant football contribution is estimated to be his Copa America winning goal in Argentina’s 1-0 final win over Brazil. Whatever achievement he has made does not benefit him until he makes money from it. His football skills earn him £138,000 p/w while his market value is £42.6 million.

7. Riyad Mahrez

Known for his Winger skills, Riyad Mahrez is famous for winning Leicester season and now with overall rating 86, he has been titled as a best five star skiller as well. He could have won many more trophies in his life with this rating list. The Algerian player plays for Manchester City as a Right Winger with surprisingly incredible leg strength. Interestingly, his left foot is stronger and he is able to play with left foot better. 

You might get an idea of his ball controlling ability by looking at its rating 91 which is more than any other attribute. His brilliance with the ball is something FIFA awarded him for as well as dribbling 91. But this is not all that defines him. Because he is also too good at balance being rated 88 and 85 curve and 84 acceleration. All of his highly rated attributes earn him £189,000 p/w while his market value has been increased to £56.3 million. With all of these things being considered including two of his Premier league trophies, he can be regarded as the one to carry out his legacy as one of the best African footballers in the history of the Premier league.

As we introduced you to seven of the best top 5-star skillers above, it’s time to show you the whole list of these talented stars. You will be amazed to see that football doesn’t have 5, 10 or 20 but more than 30 5-star players. 

Player Name Rating Position Team 
Kylian Mbappe 91ST, LWParis Saint Germain 
Neymar Jr91LW, CAMParis Saint Germain 
Cristiano Ronaldo 91ST, LWManchester United 
Jadon Sancho 87RM, CF, LMManchester United 
Paul Pogba 87CM, LMManchester United 
Angel Di Maria 87RW, LWParis Saint Germain 
Riyad Mahrez 86RW, RMManchester City 
Thiago 86CM, CDMLiverpool 
Marcus Rashford 85LM, STManchester United 
Memphis Depay 85CF, LW ,CAM FC Barcelona 
Roberto Firmino 85CFLiverpool 
Hakim Ziyech 84RW, CAM Chelsea 
Josip Ilicic84CF, STAtlanta 
Ziatan Ibrahimovic 84STAC Milan 
Joao Felix83CF, STAtletico de Madrid 
Ousmane Dembele 83RWFC Barcelona 
Juan Cuadrado 83RB, RMJuventus 
Martin Odegaard 82CAM, CMArsenal 
Wilfried Zaha 82CF, LM, STCrystal Palace 
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