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Who Has The Most World Cup Wins?

Heading towards the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, FIFA is the governing body of international association football competition. It was established in 1904 and introduced the FIFA World Cup in 1930. First ever world cup was played in Uruguay in 1930 and also won by the same nation. It is the men’s world cup in which men’s national teams compete for the title. Only FIFA affiliated nations can be a part of the FIFA World Cup. Since 1930, it has been played every four years in different countries. Countries compete to get the right to host the event as well and which country gets the right automatically to qualify for the tournament. 

The winning team of the tournament gets the title of World football championship and trophy. This trophy stays with the winning nation for four years until it goes to the next world cup conqueror.  Last time it was hosted by Russia in 2018 and France emerged the winner, winning the championship for the second time. This 22nd World Cup in history is going to be held in Qatar, a Middle East nation. It is the first time that the FIFA World Cup is being held in the Arab world. 

Who has the most World Cup wins?

The world final match decides who gets to win the World Cup trophy as it is the last match of competition. The winner of the country is declared champion the moment the results are announced. Since 1930 21 World Cups have been held including the one of 2018. Number of 79 Nations have appeared in the tournament at least once out of which only 13 succeeded to go to finals while 8 of them have won the Championship titles. 

They are countries who won the World Cup multiple times while some of them never had this luck. Eight winning countries and 21 World Cup titles. Who won how many? Let’s talk about the nation with the most titles or wins. This is very obvious to guess because the football legend nation is Brazil with five World Cup titles. It is also the only Nation to participate in every single world cup final. Its legendary footballers are behind the nation’s success. Whole world is aware of the fact that most of the greatest footballers hail from Brazil. 

The Nation with the second most titles is not just one but two. Yes! Italy and Germany both have won four titles each. France, the current champion along with past Champions Argentina and Uruguay, the inaugural nation, have won two titles each. While England, the originating nation and Spain have one win each. These 8 Nations got to hold the world cup trophy and have their name written on its bottom side. 

Nations participating in World Cup

The World Cup and its participant nations have a long history. Basically, people think it’s a very simple process of winning a final match. One team scores more than all other teams and wins. But it’s not as simple as it looks. Standard time duration of a football match is 90 minutes and if both teams have the same score at the end, the match results in a draw. Then the teams are given extra time of 30 minutes as per the laws of the game. And if the match is still tied after extra time, the result is decided by penalty shootout. The team which wins the penalty shootout is declared champion. 

Except for 1950, every world cup tournament has been decided by a one-off match. In 1950 the final match was contested by four countries including Brazil, Sweden, Spain and Uruguay. Uruguay won this match over Brazil 2-1. This Match was also one of the two last matches which put it on the top of the group and made world football champions. Therefore this match is regarded as the de facto final of the 1950 World Cup by FIFA. 

The World Cup final matches of 1970 1994 1986 1990 and 2014 are the only matches competed by the same teams (Brazil-Italy & Germany – Argentina). The latest World Cup final match was played in Russia in the country’s biggest sports complex, Luzhniki stadium in Moscow. In the recent World Cup only European and South American Nations competed in finals. Do you know how many countries have won the World Cup hosted by themselves? Uruguay, Germany, France, Italy, Argentina and England have won World Cups as hosts.

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