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Who is The Best Goalkeeper in FIFA 22?

Goalkeeper is the last chance of defence for a team and some of the best goalkeepers are featured in FIFA World Cup 2022. Since FIFA 22 was released, every team is looking for the players who can strengthen their team. How can’t they? Goalkeeping is one of the essential tasks in football where one mistake could result in a goal. Goalkeeping needs skills of the highest level to stop another team from making a goal. It requires strength, speed and many more attributes. This is why choosing a right goalkeeper for a team is necessary for a team’s victory.

Considering the extreme significance of goalkeepers FIFA 22 featured a number of highest ranked goalkeepers as it might be helpful to have such a goalie to score against a strong attacker team. Most of the teams and fans rely on FIFA to determine which football players are best goalkeepers in order to quell their thirst for sport. Only good attackers and defenders are not enough to ensure a victory, a balanced quality goalkeeper is also needed to win against someone. 

1. Jan OblakJan Oblak

Its not the first time Jan Oblak has shown up in the list of top goalkeepers. With a rating of 91, Jan Oblak is regarded as the top best goalkeeper in FIFA 22. Atletico Madrid’s goalkeeper has got lucky but Madrid is more lucky to have him. In another season, Oblak conceded 25 goals in 38 appearances in the league. Also his heroic performance helped Madrid with their first league title after 13/14 season. 

Oblak boasts 84.47% save in the league as well as 91 rating, retaining his position of the best and highest rated goalkeeper. Apart from his overall rating, his stats are also fascinating. The undisputed goalkeeper’s stats are 92 handling, 90 reflexes, 90 positioning and 87 diving. 

2. Manuel NeuerManuel Neuer

The Bayern Munich player Manuel Neuer is the second best goalkeeper according to FIFA 22. With a rating of 90, he has become the second highest rated goalkeeper in FIFA. His highest rated stats are 88 handling, 91 kicking, 88 diving, 89 positioning and 88 reflexes. There’s no doubt that he has got such ratings and position as he is giving consecutive hit seasons one after one. He had another successful season with Bayern Munich winning the UEFA Super Cup, league and DFB super Cup. Yet, his performance for the national team is not as good. 

3. Ter StegenTer Stegen

Interestingly, Ter Stegen has made it to the list of best goalkeepers in FIFA 22. With a rating of 90, he has been placed at third place in the list and become the third highest rated goalkeeper in FIFA regardless of some of his performance in his last season which was quite questionable. Stegen retained 70.91% save in the league conceding 32 goals in 31 appearances which is impressive. Though he has made a lot of mistakes which culminated in goals, Stegen retains high overall rating as well as highest rated attributes which are 88 diving, 85 handling, 88 positioning and 90 reflexes. 

4. Alisson BeckerAlisson Becker

Here comes our Liverpool giant Allison Becker who is fourth highest ranked goalkeeper in FIFA 22. He has also become the fourth highest rated goalkeeper with an overall rating of 89, one point behind Stegen. Though Becker’s last year rating has seen a drop of one point, he remains one of the best Premier League goalkeepers of all time. Becker had some poor games in the Premier League last season due to which his rating was reduced from 90 to 89. Yet, he is an incredible choice for any team due to his high rated attributes including 89 reflexes, 90 positioning, 86 handling and diving. 

5. Thibaut CourtoisThibaut Courtois

Thibaut Courtois is not just known for his goalkeeping but also stands out as one of the best Real Madrid performers of all time. Apart from being fifth highest rated goalkeeper in FIFA with a rating of 89, Thibaut has also been one of the highest paid footballers in the world. But he has proved that he deserves the amount he is paid by Real Madrid as well as the transfer fee. The 6’6″ tall Belgian goalkeeper has a height advantage over his opponents. He also has some compelling attributes including 89 handling, 88 reflexes, 86 positioning and 84 diving. 

6. EdersonEderson

Ederson, the Manchester City star, had a successful season with the Premier League club leading to another Premier League title. The Brazilian has the stamina to break records and he ended the last season with 19 clean sheets. This helped him to win the Golden Glove. Ederson’s list of achievements is undisputedly high. This title of being one of the highest rated goalkeepers adds to the list. His score is not just high in goalkeeping but also in kicking (93). Other than this, he comprises some of the high rated attributes as well including 88 reflexes, 88 positioning, 87 diving and 82 handling. 

7. Gianluigi DonnarummaGianluigi Donnarumma

Gianluigi Donnarumma has become the seventh best goalkeeper with a rating of 89. Donnarumma is experiencing a good amount of success in his career as he successfully participated in the Euro campaign with Italy and consequently received an award (Player of the Tournament) for his efforts. Donnarumma also saved two penalty shoot-outs against England leaving everyone impressed. He made such a great impression on FIFA that it named him in this list. Donnarumma’s rating has seen a huge increase of 4 points with attributes like 91 diving, 85 positioning, 90 reflexes and 83 handling. 

8. Keylor NavasKeylor Navas

Keylor Navas has undoubtedly been one of the best goalkeepers of all time since the last few seasons. He also had a hand in Real Madrid’s consecutive Champions League runs. Though he left the La Liga club to join Ligue 1 club Paris Saint Germain and start a new adventure in his life. FIFA gave a high score to his potential and with an overall rating of 88, he was declared one of the best goalkeepers in FIFA 22. You must know that Keylor’s brilliant performance led to an increase in his rating by one point while he also has some high rated attributes including 89 diving, 89 reflexes, 84 handling and 87 positioning. 

9. Hugo LlorisHugo Lloris

The Tottenham Hotspur captain has played every single game for the club and had 12 clean sheets in the league. He is one of the most active and prominent figures for the club. Even though the club did not enjoy great success last season, Lloris kept playing at a high level for the Tottenham. 

Now, with an overall rating of 87 he has become one of the best goalkeepers in FIFA 22. Even after turning 33, Lloris remains one of the Highest rated goalkeepers of all time, who is capable of providing much more to the team including his high rated stats; 90 reflexes, 84 positioning, 88 diving and 83 handling. 

10. Wojciech SzczesnyWojciech Szczesny

With an overall rating of 87, the Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny has become the tenth highest ranked goalkeeper in FIFA 22. Szczesny didn’t have such a great season as the Italian side failed to win Serie A for the first time since the 2010/11 season. He made several errors that led their opponent club Juventus conceding many goals. 

He conceded 32 goals in 30 appearances for the league and had a save percentage of 68.93%. Yet, his stats including 87 positioning, 82 handling, 88 reflexes and 86 diving, made him stay in the top 10 goalkeepers. 

11. Koen CasteelsKoen Casteels

This might not such popular name to you but Koen Casteels is the main goal keeper of the Bundesliga club VFL Wolfsburg which automatically makes him unique. Though the club didn’t have such an impressive season, Casteels had it. His impressive season is what got him the high rating of 86 by EA. And with this High rating, he has become one of the top 15 highest ranked goalkeepers in FIFA 22. Casteels also possesses some attributes that contribute to his success including 85 diving, 83 handling, 87 reflexes and 84 positioning.

12. Samir HandanovicSamir Handanovic

The Slovenian Professional footballer has been loyal to Inter Milan for several years. He scarcely ever missed out on the Serie A title. Inter Milan won Coppa Italia with him as a goalkeeper. His loyalty for Inter Milan has led him here to the list of best goalkeepers in FIFA 22 with an overall rating of 86 which puts him amongst the highest rated goalkeepers in the world. Interestingly, at the age of 38, he has maintained such stats; 81 diving, 87 reflexes, 92 positioning and 81 handling. 

13. Kasper SchmeichelKasper Schmeichel

Kasper Schmeichel plays as a goalkeeper for the Premier League club Leicester even after his promotion. He won the Premier League for the club and that’s why he and his teammates have turned into legends for the club. Schmeichel has always been a prominent figure for the English club and last season they had a terrible experience in Europa Conference League. 

With an overall rating of 85, Schmeichel has been named as one of the best goalkeepers in FIFA 22. He also boasts High ratings for other general stats like 84 diving, 90 reflexes, 80 kicking and 83 positioning. 

14. Yann SommerYann Sommer

Yann Sommer is a common name which usually comes up when a discussion over most overlooked players takes place. The Swiss professional footballer plays for Borussia Monchengladbach and has been listed as one of the highest ranked goalkeepers in FIFA 22 with a rating of 85. Yann is the key player of the club and with his constant presence, Borussia can expect itself to perform better.

With one of the highest scores for goalkeeping, Sommer doesn’t leave that bad impression on someone. But to compensate, he has some impressive stats: 86 positioning, 81 handling, 86 reflexes, 79 diving and 84 kicking. 

15. Peter GulasciPeter Gulasci

Last but not the least, here comes the main player of German club RB Leipzig. Gulasci has been enjoying successful seasons with his club in the country as well as whole Europe. Consequently they won the DFB Pokal and forging their name in Europe, they reached the semi finals of the Europa league. 

Peter Gulasci has an overall score of 85 putting him amongst the 15 highest ranked goalkeepers in FIFA 22. Well, Gulasci has proved his worth with his ability. But he is more than his overall rating as his attributes are: 85 diving, 82 positioning, 86 reflexes and 84 handling. 

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