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Who is The Fastest 100 Goal Scorer in The World?

It sounds intimidating how players invest themselves in their game that they get ready to cross every limit in order to achieve their aims such as scoring centuries for a club. In their way of making their dreams come true, they never fail to treat their fans with inconceivable entertainment and victories due to their fastest speed . 

In this article, we are going to talk about those top 10 most successful who took advantage of their pace and became the fastest footballer to score 100 for a club. Here we will give you a detailed tour of the top 10 most iconic football players such as Didier Drogba, Alan Shearer, Samuel Eto’o, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Robert Lewandowski, and Mohammed Salah. We have accumulated a significant amount of details about the performance of the best soccer players of all time. 

1. Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo

The widely popular Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo who is generally regarded as the greatest footballer in the world, is the undisputed fastest footballer to score 100 for a club. He is undoubtedly one of the best footballers possessing unbeatable dribbling skills, balance and pace. Interestingly, the exceptionally talented player just took 105 games to score a century for his La Liga club Real Madrid. 

2. Luis SuarezLuis Suárez

You must have heard this name before as Suarez is one of the most prominent names in football. Suarez became the third fastest player to score a century in 120 games for La Liga club FC Barcelona behind Mariano Martin’s 99 and Laszio Kubala’s 103 games. In 2020, at Atletico he became the second fastest player to score 150 goals in La Liga.

3. Zlatan IbrahimovicZlatan Ibrahimovic

Another popular star who is widely known as one of the best players of all time. The Swedish striker secured the third spot on the list of fastest footballers to score a century for a club with having scored 100 in 124 games. Ibrahimovic has scored more than 400 goals and 202 assists in his entire career becoming one of the few players to set new records. He scored 155 goals in Serie A and 113 goals in Ligue 1. 

4. Ruud van NistelrooyRuud van Nistelrooy

Ruud van Nistelrooy might be fourth on the list but he is the fastest footballer to score a century in the Premier League of all time. The former Manchester United striker never vanished from the scene although he retired as a player in 2012. He made an enthusiastic comeback to the field but as a coach and currently he is in charge of Eredivisie’s first tier club, PSV Eindhoven. 

5. Edinson CavaniEdinson Cavani

Here comes our top fifth fastest Footballer Edinson Cavani who is currently playing as a striker for the Uruguayan national football team as well as Valencia CF. He is overall fifth fastest but in Ligue 1 he is the third fastest player to score 100 goals. As a result of his uncanny ability to score, he has grown to be one of Uruguay’s top goal scorers. 

6. Robert Lewandowski (136 games)Robert Lewandowski

Regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time, Robert Lewandowski has over 500 career goals in his career of over 17 years. The incredibly talented soccer player Lewandowski got hold of his position as the undisputed Bayern Munich megastar of all time after scoring a century in 136 games. 

7. Kylian Mbappe

King of Football Speed

As you already know, Kylian Mbappe is one of the best young soccer players of all time. Also, he remains the fastest footballer in the world with a speed of 38 km/h. Known for his exceptional pace, uncanny scoring ability and dribbling, the 2017 Golden boy has made it to the list of fastest footballers to score a century. Mbappe is the youngest soccer player to score a century for a club in Ligue 1 and one of the youngest Footballers to score 100 goals in Europe’s top five leagues. 

8. Samuel Eto’oSamuel-Etoo

Samuel Eto’o might not be much popular globally but he is regarded as one of the best South African footballers of all time. The undisputed South African legend has also become one of the fastest footballers to score a century in 154 games for FC Barcelona. The two time UEFA Champions League winner Samuel retired as a player but he continues to be in the picture as chairman of Cameroonian dFootball Federation. 

9. Sergio AgueroSergio Leonel Agüero

Sergio Aguero is widely regarded as one of the best players of all time. After playing in five seasons at Manchester City, Aguero went on to become the 25th member of PL 100 club. Shockingly, according to an analysis by Sky Sports he scored seven of the goals with the help of his head. One the other hand, Aguero has a spectacular ability to make use of both of his legs properly. He scored 19 goals with his left foot while the rest of 74 using his right foot. Surprisingly, Sergio Aguero is the sole foreign player to score the most Premier League goals in its history. 

10. Mohammed SalahMohamed Salah

Last but not the least, Mohamed Salah is the tenth fastest Footballer to score a century for a club. He got done with this task in 2021 following a 2-1 triumph match between Brentford and the Reds. He had been named as 2022 unbeatable top scorer in Liverpool as well as the fastest Liverpool player to score a century. The Egyptian professional has registered so many records. He was named the 30th soccer player to enter the Premier League 100 club and the 10th top Liverpool scorer of all time. 

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