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Who is The First Player of Football?

Football has a long history of countless incredible football players. It has become a sport with the most players. And the richest history over the years. Its unending vast history of players makes it hard for us to select the first football player. But we have found out. Who is the first player of football. And a chronological order of these professional players. The journey starts from 1869. origin football


Rutgers and Princeton became the first players. Who played a college football match on November 6, 1869. The rules of the game were adopted from the modified London football association. In the next seven years, Rugby surpassed this game in terms of popularity and dominance. Later, Modern football developed from Rugby. 


Do you know who Walter Camp is? He is known as the Father of American football. But this is not all which makes him special. Because he is also the first player to play American football. Which rules were written at Massasoit Convention.


Playing football is a different thing. And getting paid to play the game is different. It indicates that the player is worth something. When you earn from a sport, it becomes a profession. In that Era when football attracted a bunch of athletes and clubs.

Former Yale All-American guard William Heffekfinger became the first professional football player making money from it. He was paid $500 to play for Allegheny Athletic Association (AAA) against the Pittsburgh Athletic club. His professional skills resulted in the victory of AAA 4-0. 


Again comes a player from Pittsburgh athletic club whose name is Grant Dibert. Petsburg club signed him to be the first player signing a pro football contract. 


John Brailer became the first football player to openly be a pro earning $10. And other expenses from the Latrobe YMCA against the Jeannette Athletic club. 


The former competitor of Pittsburgh Athletic club, Allegheny athletic Association team became. The first ever club to come with a fully professional team for its abbreviated two game session. 


The 1980s was an important decade for football. Numerous first time records were introduced including the conversion of Latrobe athletic Association into a fully professional team. It also became the first ever club to play a full season with only professional players.


A touchdown was transitioned from four to five points.


In this year, a very significant event took place which was the formation of a neighbourhood team by Chris O’Brien. It was named Morgan Athletic club. Later it came to be known as Normals, then the Racine Cardinals. The name was again changed to the Chicago Cardinals and kept changing to the St. Louis Cardinals, the Phoenix Cardinals and the Arizona Cardinals in 1994. 


William C. Temple became the first individual football club owner after taking over the Duquesne Country and Athletic club.


The series of first known records continues in the 20th century. The Franklin athletic club went on to win the second and last World series of pro football. They defeated the Oreos AC of Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Pro football gained popularity in Ohio when an amateur football team, Massillon Tigers hired four pro players from Pittsburgh to play for it in the season-ending game against Akron. But at the same time pro football saw a decline in its popularity in the Pittsburgh area. The dominance shifted from Pennsylvania to Ohio. 


A field goal was reduced from five points to four. The significant event that occurred in 1904 was the introduction of the first black Pro football player. Halfback Charles Follis became the first known black Pro football player after signing a contract with Shelby (Ohio) AC. Ohio had at least seven Pro football teams of which Massillon won the independent Ohio Championship, the spectacular pro title.


The team bulldogs you are now familiar with, was usually known as Canton AC during its initial time. It became a professional team in 1905 and Massillion won the Ohio League Championship again.


This was the year in which forward pass turned legal. The first authenticated forward pass completion in a Pro game occurred on October 27, 1906. George Parratt threw a pass to Dan Riley and victorised over Benwood-Moundsville, a combined team. 


Jim Thorpe, the former Football and track star at the Carlisle Indian School and a double gold medal winner at the Olympics 1912 in Stockholm, played for the Pine Village Pros in Indiana. 


Again, Massillion fielded a major team. This event revived the old rivalry with Canton. Taking this rivalry further, Cusack signed Jim Thorpe, a double gold medalist at the Olympics to play for him. Jim Thorpe charged $500 per game. 


And once again, despite every possible effort by Massillion, Canton won the Ohio League Championship for the second time. 

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