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Who is The GOAT

The all time NFL favourite, Tom Brady is widely known as the GOAT. The player who has played 22 seasons in the NFL is expected to retire from the NFL. The American Football Quarterback plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the National Football League. He spent most of his career with the New England Patriots Organization playing 20 seasons of his career with them.

The globally popular GOAT, Tom Brady continues to storm people with his performances in the NFL. Before we dig up Tom Brady’s stats and history with the NFL, let’s find out what does GOAT mean, the animal? In this article, you will find why the world regards him as a GOAT. And what does GOAT mean?

What does GOAT mean?

The GOAT is the short form which actually refers to ‘Greatest of All Time’. GOAT has become one of the most popular terms in the football World and exceptionally incredible players like Tom Brady are associated with them. But he is not the only GOAT in World Football. Other wonderful international players such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jordan and Pele are also referred to as GOAT. 

After knowing the meaning of this term, the value of global athletes seems incompatible. How can they be more after all? Surprisingly, this terminology is not new at all. It has been used for several past decades by the United States press. Interestingly, use of GOAT is not restricted to Football, basketball player Michael Jordan, Widely known boxer Mohamed Ali and Golf star Tiger Woods are also referred to as ‘The Greatest of All Time’. 

New Terminologies are usually coined everyday but not every term becomes legit. Then, how did the term GOAT become legit and when? 

Back in 1992, the superstar and legendary boxer Mohamed Ali’s wife Lonnie Ali established a company named ‘Greatest of All Time, Inc’ to license all the intellectual property of his husband and this name was reduced to GOAT. Later, the company was renamed Muhammed Ali Enterprises but the term remained in use. 

Who is the GOAT?

The all time NFL legendary player Tom Brady is widely regarded as the GOAT or Greatest of all time. His full name is Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr and he is an American football quarterback. The 45 years old American star is currently playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the National Football League. 

While the American GOAT spent most of his career with the New England Patriots Organization playing 20 seasons. He is not the GOAT but also the Greatest Quarterback of All Time. 

The NFL prudent is one of the most prestigious players of the NFL. Brady is considered the greatest footballer to ever come on earth. Besides his playing skills, he had a long list of achievements to his name including seven Super Bowl Championship. His extraordinary stats are the answer to why he is called GOAT. 

Tom Brady Career Statistics

Tom Brady is undoubtedly one of the most successful players on the earth. Even after reaching 45, he continues to play strong and fast. In his over 30-years long career, he has become a seven-time Superbowl Champion, three-time NFL MVP and five time Super Bowl MVP. Brady has also won the title of NFL Offensive Player of the Year twice, first team All time pro thrice, second team all pro thrice, Pro Bowler for fifteen times and Comeback Player of the Year in 2009. 

This is not all he has won over. To mention, he was also selected for the NFL’s 2000s All-decade Team, the NFL’s 100th Anniversary All-time Team and 2010’s All-Decade Team. 

If the rumours come true and the Greatest Quarterback of NFL retires, he would end his career with unbelievably fantastic statistics. He would be ending his long time successful NFL career as the No. 1 Player in Completions (7,263), yards (84520), pass attempts (11317), starts (316) and pass TDs (624). 

What you came across till now was just a glimpse of his brightest career overall. His most important achievements are the records he has made during his career with the NFL. Brady has made countless records in both regular Season and Play-offs. 

NFL Records – Regular Season

To mention a few of his records in the NFL, here are some. 

  • Most games won by a player: 250
  • Starting most games as a skill position player: 328
  • Fourth NFL player to ever beat all the 32
  • Record for playing most games as a non-kicker : 330
  • Record for most Division titles: 19 out of which 17 with New England and 2 with Tampa
  • Most touchdown passes to different players: 97
  • Record for most wins at home as a quarterback: 137
  • Record for most wins on the road as a Quarterback: 112
  • Most wins in a regular season as a quarterback in 2007: 16 

Though we have mentioned only a few records he made in regular seasons in the NFL, there are countless of them out there in NFL Records. 

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