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Who is The God of Penalty in Football?

Amazingly, the most popular football legend Cristiano Ronaldo is regarded as the god of penalty in football. Known for his record of most goals in the world, The Manchester United forward has successfully recorded 144 penalties. Ronaldo is also one of the greatest footballers of all time. 

After Argentina won the FIFA World Cup 2022 with two penalty shootouts, everyone must be aware of the significance of the penalty. Penalty is often used to determine the results of a tie match. It makes even the audience nervous when they see the tension between goalkeeper and the penalty taker. 

Penalty is considered one of the most effective methods to ever end a tie game. But players get a little intense as well as nervous at that moment. Some of the penalty takers have worked their way through it and interestingly, it’s also been fun for some of them. 

As I already mentioned, penalties play a vital role in the biggest Football competitions like FIFA World Cup and European Championship. Sometimes it becomes a do-or-die thing for a team to gain the ultimate pride and glory.

Playing  penalties and scoring the penalty are two different things. What actually matters is how a player approaches to take a shot at it. It’s also not necessary to play a particular position to score a penalty as in the modern era, even defenders are prolific penalty takers in football. Well, who are those top penalty takers in the world? Penalty Kick

Top 5 most successful Penalty takers in the world

PlayersTotal penalties playedPenalties scoredPenalties lost
Cristiano Ronaldo17314429
Zlatan Ibrahimovic1018417
Alan Shearer77725
Marco van Basten55514
Matt Le Tissier50491

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

The one and only legend. Being one of the greatest footballers of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo is referred to as the god of penalty. Known for his dribbling and goal scoring skills, he is one of the most popular footballers around the world as well. All of his career success makes it inevitable to leave him out of this list. Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the best and most successful Penalty takers in the world. 

The Portuguese superstar can cause a large hole in the net with his powerful shot. The former Manchester United forward has scored penalties for La Liga, English Premier League and Serie A becoming their last chance at win. He has a 84% rate of penalty conversion which is best though he has lost a couple of penalties in high octane situations like missing the spot kick for United against Chelsea in 2008 Champions league in Moscow. 

2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The artist who is more than proficient in his art. If there was a medal for devotion to the game, it must have been awarded to Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Ibrahimovic is one of the widely known International players who had converted a total of 84 penalties into score in his career for his clubs and country. The former Swedish footballer has successfully played as a forward for Paris Saint Germain and Manchester United. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the most reliable players in history, clubs have ever counted on. The former AC Milan forward holds a magnificent record for penalties leading him here to this list of most successful penalty takers.

3. Alan Shearer

Alan Shearer has become third player with most penalties after converting 77 spot kicks in his career. One of the most successful penalty takers, Shearer holds the record for top goal scorer in the Premier League as he still remains at the top in the English top flight. The English Professional is one of the most natural goal scorers this world has ever seen. 

Alan Shearer has enjoyed a prolific career scoring 260 goals in the Premier League for Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United. With 77 penalty goals, he stays one of the most efficient penalty takers on the planet.

4. Marco Van Basten

Marco Van Basten is probably one of the most smashing and eye-catching penalty kick takers in the world. You will not be surprised to know that he is part of the best penalty takers group which has scored abundant penalty goals over the course of years. Using his extraordinary penalty taking skills, Basten has converted a total of 51 spot kicks in his entire career. 

The former AC Milan striker went on sharpening his skills and achieving success. He also led the Netherlands to the 1988 European Championship where they lifted the trophy. However, this trophy came out to be their only major international achievement so far. 

5. Matt Le Tissier

For over a very long period, Matt Le Tissier has spent his life and precious time in the English Premier League decorating his prolific career. Matt has scored 49 penaltykick goals and is regarded as one of the most successful penalty takers in the world. Tissier has played 50 penalties in total out of which he lost only one in his entire career for Southampton. 

With an exceptionally brilliant penalty conversion rate of 98%, Tissier has even preceded the greatest football Champion, Cristiano Ronaldo. His conversion rate makes it obvious for him to be the part of this prestigious list. The England midfielder’s only missed penalty was against Nottingham Forest in the Premier League in 1992 which makes him probably the greatest penaltytaker in the league’s history.  

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