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Who is The Greatest Sportsman Ever?

It’s always difficult to tell who is the greatest sportsman ever as this unique and exotic list doesn’t include just footballers or just basketball players but all over sports. It makes the competition more tough than ever for the athletes to come among top ten sportsmen. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top ten brilliant sportsman ever for you. Though it’s extremely difficult to select the greatest sportsman ever, we have tried to make an attempt. 

Top Ten Greatest Sportsman ever

1. Sir Steve Redgrave Steve Redgrave

The Widely popular athlete and Britain’s greatest ever Olympian has come out to be the greatest Sportsman ever. He spent a long time of his career being at the top of his game. You might have heard about several players with one gold medal at the Olympics but he exceptionally won gold in five consecutive Olympic games. 

Redgrave is the only athlete to make this record in such an endurance sport. He maintained his top notch level of performance for two decades which still remains as a separate outstanding achievement. This achievement brought him success and well deserved fame.

2. Nadia ComaneciNadia Comaneci

One of the well-known names in women sports. Most men athletes also never got such a popularity as Nadia Comaneci did. She was a household name at her time. After recognising her strengths at the age of six, Comaneci went on to become the first gymnast to score 10 within Olympic games. 

Comaneci played Olympics like it was her favorite toy. The multiple Olympic gold winner is also referred to as the perfect 10. She has a long list of records to her name including the one for youngest Olympic gymnastics all round Champion. She overcame every obstacle to conquer this invincible record at the age of 14 that nobody could match because modern rules don’t permit under-16 to compete. 

3. Michael PhelpsMichael Phelps

Can you imagine an athlete winning over 20 gold medals in just three Olympics? Yes, the widely known American swimmer Michael Phelps achieved this notorious but remarkable victory. The unprecedented athlete’s score of 23 gold’s in Olympic was twice the number of second highest medal holder in his sport. 

This exotic achievement is the sign of his success as an athlete as well as an Olympic swimmer. He was the most successful athlete in four out of five Olympics he participated in. 

4. Roger FedererRoger Federer

After all the athletic games, here comes the all time greatest men’s tennis player. The well known sports personality, Roger Federer is one of the most famous public figures remaining in the top ten since 2002. In 2016-17, he suffered a critic injury that forced him to say goodbye to that season. But he returned stronger and continued to add to the list of records to his name. 

Roger Federer has an unending list of records to his name including some of the major awards of his career such as 20 Grand Slam Singles Titles, holding no. 1 position for 310 weeks constantly.

5. Usain BoltUsain Bolt

The unprecedented athlete with record breaking scores and achievements, ran the 100 metres in a time of 9.58 seconds only at 2009 World Championship. It was probably the most memorable event of his life although his upcoming achievements were smashing. He set two World records for winning the 200 metres and 4×100 metres in 2008 Beijing Olympics as well. 

The brilliant runner broke his own ridiculous world records winning 4×100 metres and  gold in all three once again in 2012 London Olympics. Bolt’s speed was the reason he smashed every possible record and set his own new ones that would probably never be beaten. 

6. Steffi GrafSteffi Graf

At the age of 13 only, Steffi Graf turned into a Tennis professional in 1982 and subsequently became one of the most prominent names in Tennis history. The fearless and powerful woman was the second-youngest player to earn an international ranking following which she became the world’s number 1 female Tennis player in 1987. 

Steffi Graf stayed the number one Tennis player for 377 weeks of her career. She dominated her sport between 1987-1999, winning 22 Grand Slams in a row more than anyone in her sport at that time. Graf is also the only tennis player in history to win a Golden Slam – four Grand Slams and a gold in the Olympics in the same year. 

7. Michael JordanMichael Jordan

The renowned Sports figure, Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest basketball player ever in history. Although Basketball is a US most popular sport, his name is popular across the globe. Excitingly, he was named the greatest athlete of the 20th century by ESPN in 1999. It was probably one of his most cherished victories. 

Yet, he had a lot of other achievements explaining his success in the right way. The former Chicago Bulls player Jordan became NBA champion six times and NBA Most valuable player five times along with several other titles to his name. 

8. Serena WilliamsSerena Williams

You must be familiar with Serena Williams as it is one of the most popular sport names. The American tennis superstar Serena Williams has barely left any record to break. She has the most Grand Slam singles titles, more than any other player be it a male or female.

Her miraculous and cherished style of play has brought a revolutionary change in women’s tennis. Despite facing plenty of nasty obstacles during her career, the bold and brave superstar kept believing in herself and revolutionised the whole tennis game for women.

9. Pele Pele

The widely known Pele is regarded as the greatest footballer the world has ever seen. He definitely had to be here given his unprecedented success and his titles for penalties and play. Pele is the top notch goalscorer in football history with a record of staggering 1283 goals in 1363 games. 

Pele is a three-time world cup Champion and known for converting penalties. He is one of the top penalty takers in the world. Pele spent most of his career playing for Brazilian club Santos while the last years saw him play three seasons with the New York Cosmos. 

10. Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali

The biggest name in boxing history as well as entire world history. Often regarded as the greatest sportsman of all time, Muhammad Ali has become a household name. Ali has competed in world’s biggest fights including “Fight of the Century ”, ‘Thrilla in Manila’ and ‘Rumble in the Jungle’. 

Ali was famous for his political splash outs and got stripped of the overweight title after he refused to join the US army to fight in the Vietnam War. 

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