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Who is The King of Football in The World? 

Since the origination of modern football, the game has been seeing a number of first class players one by one over the decades. Along with time the position of King of Football has also kept on transferring to one after another with each era. Every era sees a new king of Football. And if we have to select a name, the Brazilian Footballer Pele would be labelled as the King of Football in this era. With 1279 goals in 1363 games, Pele is undoubtedly the king of Football.

Though Pele is ranked second in the list of players with most goals in football history with a total of 765 official goals as the goals scored in friendly matches are not taken into consideration. Cristiano Ronaldo is currently leading the list of most goals having 803 goals to his name but Pele never let his fans forget his place. His Instagram bio which reads, “Leading Goal scorer of all time” keeps reminding us that he is the real legend of the Football game

You should know that Pele is different from the other great Footballers or legends like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Maradona and what makes him different is his success at the international level. He has always possessed an unfiltered and fascinating talent and goal scoring ability. Apart from his unbeatable talent, he has also won the FIFA World Cup three times in 1958, 1962 and 1970.

Pele is undoubtedly the King of football of all time. A popular quote suggests, “Kings are not born, they are made..”. This quote is entirely applicable to Pele who came from a humble background and overcame every obstacle in his way to become the real football legend of not a generation but all time. Pele King of Football

Pele has left a legacy behind him which is just incompatible. He is a legend that can never be surpassed by any other Footballer though the best talents of football history are emerging in this generation. 

King of Football in 2022

You might already know the answer to this. Yes! The one and only Lionel Messi is the King of Football in 2022. He is one of the undisputable greatest footballers of all time. The PSG star ended the season 2020-21 with 41 goals and 17 assists and moved to Paris Saint Germain leaving Barcelona.

PSG came out to be lucky for the Argentine legend. In his first season (2021-22) for PSG, he won his seventh Ballon d’or and captained the Argentina National Team to win its 15th Copa America title. He also led Argentina to win its third World Cup in its history with a 4-2 penalty shootout against France. 

Who is the King of football skills?

Messi is widely known to be having a close 1-1 competition with Manchester United FC forward Cristiano Ronaldo who is probably the most popular footballer in the world. Known for his footwork in Arsenal, Leonel Messi is apparently the king of Football skills. While the Portuguese pride Cristiano the World top goal scorer with most international goals as well as entire career goals in football history. 

Yet, Messi is an unbeatable talent sitting on the top of the list of most assists in football as well as most goals in a season. Apart from this list securing, he is widely famous across the globe for his dribbling skills and proficiency in ball control. 

King of Football in 2021

Who is the king of Football in 2021? As we already discussed, football is continuously seeing new emerging talents which are world class players. So, the king of Football also keeps changing with time. Every year football sees a new star who somehow comes to be regarded as the King of Football.

The King of Football in 2021 was nobody but Bundesliga superstar Robert Lewandowski who ended the year 2021 with 69 goals in 59 matches. He became the player with most goals in 2021 making Bayern Munich end their league campaign as winners. His heroics and goal scoring ability also helped Bayern Munich to win the UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup. In the same year, Lewandowski succeeded in breaking the Bundesliga legend Gerd Muller’s record of most goals in a season. 

Who became the King of Football in 2020?

The Bundesliga legend with incredibly furnished playing skills and scoring ability, was undoubtedly the king of Football in 2020 as well with the most number of goals in the year. His stats for Bundesliga 2019-20 Season is outstanding with 54 goals in 58 games at the end of the year. The great Polish goal scorer of all time reached the mark of 54 goals by the end of the year with Bayer Munich winning Bundesliga and the UEFA champions league. 

Who was the King of Football in 2019?

Again the Argentine legend Messi secures the throne of King of Football. Beginning from 2019, Messi regained his throne in 2022 becoming the FIFA World Cup 22 winner. The current PSG forward was the legendary player of FC Barcelona back then. He along with the club ended the season winning the La Liga title and Supercopa de Espana. Messi scored a total of 51 goals and 20 assists in 50 appearances at the club in all the competitions and ended up becoming Barcelona’s top goal scorer.

Who was the King of Football in 2018?

Noone but the Real Madrid achiever Cristiano Ronaldo secured the throne of King of Football in 2018. He is undoubtedly the King of Football as he is widely popular for his dribbling, finishing, ball control and many such skills. And the guidance of Zinedine Zidane just the remaining gaps to his success as the top scorer of the season. 

Under Zinedine’s guidance, Ronaldo managed to win his third consecutive UEFA Champions League title being in his best form. Ronaldo was at peak of his career as well as success journey. The Portuguese forward scored 15 goals in 13 Champions League appearances and ended up scoring 44 goals in 44 games across all club competitions. 

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