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Who is The Powerful Footballer?

Strength is a crucial factor contributing to the chances to win a football game. If a player has strength, he can overcome any obstacle restricting him from scoring. This is why, in terms of strength players have been placed from highest to lowest level. 

Strength plays a major role in getting power behind a shot. Those teams who have these handy strong players have luck on their side. But the list of 15 most powerful footballers is a competitive match for the teams who want to slow them down. Let’s take a look at these players.

15 most powerful footballers:

1. Adebayo AkinfenwaAdebayo Akinfenwa

Adebayo Akinfenwa is the strongest soccer player who is playing for League One in England right now. No doubt, English has the best players. The 188 cm tall Akinfenwa plays as a striker for the Wycombe Wanderers and even at the age of 39, he has maintained his strength. Even he seems to get stronger by the time with age. Wycombe Wanderers is the newest club he has become a part of. He joined it in 2016 and since then he has scored 47 goals in the last 185 appearances for the club.

The well-known English footballer gained fame and an identity in soccer by the video game soccer series FIFA. In global ratings, he has been named as one of the strongest soccer players in the world several times. Looks like his strength is just increasing with age. Though his speed is no longer like what it was during high school, his strength will always be an advantage to him for high level games. Also his height as a striker helps him get victory over defenders. 

2. George ElokobiGeorge Elokobi

George Elokobi has been known to be one of the strongest soccer players in the world to ever play on international level. This might be the reason he has survived such a long career as a centre back. Elokobi is a Cameroonian professional footballer who moved to England at the age of 16 to start his journey with Dulwich Hamlet. Currently, the Cameroonian professional is 36 years old and close to the end of his football journey. 

Despite his career probably coming to an end, his strength is the same. In his career of over 20 years, he had spent most of his time with Wolverhampton. But he has also been a perfect choice for other clubs looking for a strong candidate to defend themselves. His strength has always been an advantage to him for getting opportunities. Currently, he is playing as a defender for Maidstone United FC. He plays more of a coach than a player now making the transition easier for him from footballer to coach after his career finally comes to an end. 

3. Danny ShittuDanny Shittu

Danny Shittu is a Nigerian professional footballer who has quit the game now. Yet, he remains one of the strongest soccer players ever in the world. He is known for playing for Queens Park Rangers as a centre back while he was also a great player of Nigerian National team for 32 matches. The 42 years old Nigerian professional has the title of PFA Player is the community to his name as well. 

Being 190 cm taller has always been an advantage for him as he never looked like a soccer player but his height, strength and size made him look like one. His hard work and professionalism made him everyone’s favourite wherever he went. And his last shot with Millwall was marked with the fascinating appreciation from his fans, coaches and friends. Though the Nigerian centre back is famous for time with Queens Park Rangers and Millwall, he has also been a part of some other clubs including Bolton Wanderers. 

4. Giorgio ChielliniGiorgio Chiellini

When you are a strong and talented player, one way or another there will be opportunities for you to play for the recognised football teams. Giorgio Chiellini is also one of those strongest players who is aggressive as well as composed on pitch which allows him to stand and play at the higher levels. His aggression might be his low point but his composure surpassed all of it. 

Giorgio Chiellini is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a centre back for the Major League football club Los Angeles FC. The Italian pride is 38 years old and has been the winner of 2020 Europe. The footballer also plays for the Italian National team although his team couldn’t make it to the fifa world cup 2022. Until 2022 when Giorgio joined Los Angeles FC, he was part of Juventus. He has been a consistent prominent face for the club since 2004.  Also, He has made a total of 112 appearances for the Italian National team. 

5. Victor Wanyama Victor Wanyama

Victor Wanyama is a Kenyan professional soccer player who plays for Major League Soccer club CF Montreal as well as the Kenyan National team. Kenyan National team has relied on Victor for bringing some strength and life to the team. He has always been a consistent face for the Kenyan National team and increased the value of the team just by entering it. 

Victor has spent a considerable amount of time with the English premier league before moving to North America to join Major League Soccer club CF Montreal. The Kenyan personality isn’t just strong but also has a good height (188 cm) which adds to his market value. His hard work and talent has caused trouble to a lot of opposition teams in Major League Soccer as there are only a few players with such good health and physique. 

6. Chris Samba

Veijeany Christopher Samba, commonly known as Chris Samba is one of the most prominent faces in the last few years for the Congo National team. Born in France, Samba is notable for playing as a defender for Congo National team and Premier league club Blackburn rovers where he stayed for five consecutive years. He made a total of 161 league appearances for the club. Other than Congo National team and Blackburn rovers, Samba has also played for Hertha BSC, Queens Park Rangers, Dynamo Moscow, etc. 

The French footballer was born on March 28, 1984 in Creteil, France. Currently, he is 38 years old, 1.93 m tall and 100 kg heavier. He possesses dual nationalities (Congolese & French). Samba earns the salary of 52 lakhs GBP as of 2013. 

The famous strong soccer player is known for his physical style of play. He is never afraid of pushing players down and gaining advantage which will keep him employed. 

7. Romelu LukakuRomelu Lukaku

You might hear some of these names for the first time but they are the real heroes behind the success of soccer clubs as they bring soul (strength) to this team. Romelu is one of these names who have been listed as the strongest players. Lukaku took his strength to charm Chelsea after leaving Inter Milan. Lukaku played a total of 10 matches with Inter Milan when he was young. Now he has become mature, stronger and self dependent to score in a match. 

Again, like many other strongest players, Lukaku also had the advantage of his size over several other opposition players. He has a large and 192 cm tall body which rules over most of the players he plays against. He is always looking to take advantage whenever possible. 

8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic Zlatan Ibrahimovic

You must be familiar and this name at least as Zlatan Ibrahimovic is regarded as one of the best strikers in the world. Zlatan is a Swedish professional footballer who plays as a striker for Serie A club AC Milan as well as Swedish National team. Zlatan has a rich history of playing for different major clubs. Along with all of this, he has also been named as one of the strongest soccer players in the world.

Though he is ageing, he always has the advantage of size and strength over his game opponents. He works really hard on himself as a result of which he has stayed competitive throughout the years. He has proved to people that speed and agility is not all that is needed to be the bestest. Known for his volleys, long range shots, ball control and playing techniques, Ibrahimovic has been a part of successful clubs including Premier league club Manchester United and LA galaxy. 

9. Yaya Toure Yaya Toure

Strength has played a crucial role in Yaya Toure’s football career. Actually strength is what led him to give such a hit career. The little known Yaya Toure is a Ivorian professional footballer as well as coach who played for Manchester City as a midfielder for eight years. Currently, well-known for his strength, Yaya is serving as academy coach for Premier league club Tottenham Hotspur. Toure wanted to be a striker and also has played as a centre back in 2009 UEFA Champions League final for Barcelona.

Yaya Toure’s full name is Gnegneri Yaya Toure and he is currently 39 years old. He is 189 cm tall which again gives him advantage over most of his opponents. Toure has played with so many big clubs in his long football career including Manchester City, Monaco, Metalurh Donetsk, etc. 

10. Christian Benteke Christian Benteke

Christian Benteke is a Belgian professional football player who plays as a striker for Major League Soccer club DC United and the Belgium National Team. Benteke started his career with Standard Liege. The Belgian star is not just famous for his strength but the combination of speed and strength that he possesses. He relies on his combination for the best performance on the pitch. His speed helps him to find open spots while his strength gives him power over other players to show up in top spots. 

He also has a big advantage of his tallness which being 192 cm gives him size advantage over other opponents. His ability and strength are the reasons why he got to play internationally for the Belgium National Team. Teams having players with such type of strength are more intimidating. 

11. Adama TraoreAdama Traore

Here comes the Spanish player preceding Christian Benteke in terms of having a combination of skills. He is blessed with the combination of strength, speed and size while Christian has only Speed and strength. So, Adama can accelerate quickly, he can use his big size as an advantage and his strength allows him to be one of the successful players. This is what helped him achieve success in the Premier league for Wolverhampton as well as the Spanish National team.

What is frustrating is the fact that despite having such a great combination of three skills, Adama is not one of the best stars in the football World. Maybe with a little knowledge and using his brain he could put it all together to reach top overall. 

12. Hulk (Givanildo Vieira de Sousa) Givanildo Vieira de Sousa

You might not be familiar with the name ‘Givanildo Vieira de Sousa’ but his nickname will surely work. The guy nicknamed Hulk is a Brazilian professional footballer who played as a forward. Hulk has been a part of several different clubs in his career and won 48 caps for the Brazilian National Team only. 

He also takes full advantage of his strength and size to get what he wants to achieve. His size and strength have allowed him to be a consistent goal scorer despite not having any special attributes that other top level forwards have. Talking about his nickname which doesn’t match to his name at all, it came from his looks similar to Lou Ferrigno, the actor who played the role of Incredible Hulk. 

13. Micah RichardsMicah Richards

If you are an English soccer fan, you must know Micah Richards who plays as a professional right back. He is always difficult for clubs to catch-up with. Though he doesn’t have too much height (187 cm), his strength allows him to be part of higher level events. His strength led him to have such a solid career in football. 

The 83 kg weighted Micah Richards has spent most of his career time with the premier league club Manchester City for over a decade. Even though he is not a part of the club anymore, he will always live in the memories of English fans as one of the strongest soccer players in EPL. 

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