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Who Won 6 Trophies in a Year?

Winning multiple Trophies in a season or a year is definitely not a big deal for clubs enrolled in top notch leagues. Clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool, etc keep winning new trophies every now and then. They have become pro in lifting such titles. Ever since they came into picture, they have been busy creating a reputation and image of themselves in people’s minds all over the world. 

While maintaining this reputation and image that they created in everyone’s eyes, they have won multiple doubles, Trebles and quadruples (4 trophies in a row won in a season). Although winning four major trophies (quadruple) is considered prestigious and valuable, winning a total of six trophies in a year is a bigger achievement. Unfortunately, only two top division club have won this prestigious title of sextuple.

Who won 6 trophies in a year?

Interestingly, two clubs playing in top division leagues have managed to win six Trophies a year which means a sextuple ; FC Barcelona and FC Bayern Munich. This list is limited to these two teams only who won six Trophies in 2009 and 2020 respectively. It’s really rare when a team or club manages to win six Trophies a year and these clubs have achieved the best possible. 

When did Barcelona and Munich win the Sextuple?

Barcelona and Bayern Munich succeeded in winning six important titles a year in 2009 and 2020 respectively. Doing this, they became the first and only two clubs to achieve this title of achieving sextuple. But what does ‘sextuple’ mean? Let’s take a tour of what it means. 

Sextuple is basically a term often used in sports for winning six significant International and national titles or trophies consecutively in a calendar year. During a calendar year, several competitions in football take place nationally and internationally and clubs actively participate in them and mark their exclusive presence by lifting precious titles. 

This is why, it’s very common for teams to win doubles (winning two trophies in a year) and Trebles (winning three trophies in a year) but achieving quadruples and Sextuple is quite rare. Consequently, it tends to be more memorable and remarkable victories. And FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich have succeeded in setting such records for other recently opened clubs to look up to. 

What does “Sextuple” mean in European football?

Sextuple in European football also means the same as above. It refers to achieving six major official titles by conquering six official European competitions in a row. Also, the instructions about which category competitions should be won are also made. So the sextuple in European football means winning following titles/ competitions:

Three National competition

  • National Championship
  • National Cup
  • National Super cup or the national league Cup

The two international competitions in continent

  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Super Cup

The International title across world

  • FIFA Club World Cup

Which titles were won for sextuple?

We have talked in detail about what a sextuple is and who won it and when. Now it’s time to learn the name of titles FC Barcelona and FC Bayern Munich managed to win to achieve a sextuple. Both clubs won different titles and those are following:


BarcelonaBayern Munich
Copa del Rey20092020DFB-Pokal
UEFA Champions LeagueUEFA Champions League
FIFA Club World CupFIFA Club World Cup
La LigaBundesliga
UEFA Super CupDFL-Supercup 
Supercopa de EspanaUEFA Super Cup

Common titles of Barcelona and Munich

Although the majority of the titles these clubs have won are different, they still both have three titles in common which are UEFA Champions League, FIFA club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup. 

Who missed the sextuple?

It sounds a little sad as some clubs just couldn’t make it. Winning a sextuple is a big achievement in itself so imagine missing just one award and losing the opportunity to win a sextuple. Feels bad, right? But it has happened and not just for once but for multiple times. There are seven clubs who missed the opportunity to win a sextuple by just losing one award. They successfully won a quintuple but couldn’t make it six. Those unfortunate but extremely prolific clubs are:

  • Ajax: In 1995, Ajax won the Johan Cruyff Shield, the UEFA Super Cup, the Intercontinental Cup, the Eredivisie and UEFA champions league but lost the quarterfinals of KNVB Cup to Feyenoord. 
  • Al Ahly: in 2006, Al Ahly won the Egypt Cup, the CAF Champions League, the Egyptian Premier League, Egyptian Super Cup and CAF Super Cup but lost the semi final of the FIFA Club World Cup.
  • Inter Milan: In 2010, Inter Milan won the Coppa Italia, UEFA Champions League, the Serie A, the Supercopa Italiana and the FIFA Club World Cup but at last lost the UEFA Super Cup to Atletico Madrid.
  • FC Barcelona: In 2011, Barcelona won the Supercopa de Espana, the UEFA Super Cup, La Liga, the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA World Cup but lost the final of the Copa del Rey. 
  • Bayern Munich: In 2013, Bayern Munich won the DFB-POKAL, the Bundesliga the UEFA Super Cup, the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup but lost the DFL-SUPERCUP.
  • Barcelona: In 2015, FC Barcelona won the Copa del Rey, the UEFA Super Cup, La Liga, the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup but lost the Supercopa de Espana.
  • Real Madrid: This is the most recent missed sextuple till now. In 2017, Real Madrid won the Supercopa de España, the UEFA Super Cup, La Liga, UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup but lost the quarterfinals of Copa del Rey. 
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