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Why is Football The Best Sport?

You will lose count when it comes to the reasons why football is the best sport in the world. Yet, there are a lot of people who constantly debate what is the most popular and best sport. Even though there is no doubt that football is the most popular and most watched sport in the world, some people continue to argue that American football or basketball is the best sport. This is why to eliminate all these false arguments, we are here with a long list of reasons that justify why football is the best sport. What is your most justified reason for football to be called the best sport?

10 reasons why Football is the Best sport

1. Passion For The Sport

The most visible thing you can see around the game of football is the passion. Everything changes but there is one thing that never changes about football which is the passion surrounding the game. Everyone around the game contains a passion for football regardless of which corner of the world they belong to. No matter where they are watching football their passion for the game remains the same during each and every match. Football has its millions of fans all around the world sitting at stadiums. No other sport can compete with football in terms of the passion people contain for the game. 

2. Rivals Battling

This is one of the most interesting things about football where two major rivals face each other and compete to win the same cup in the same match. You cannot get the same kind of entertaining opportunity while being a fan of another sport. But football has it all. Here matches are played between the top teams who are rivals to each other. 

To be honest it creates some hate and anger in the fans towards the other football team as they both are equally strong and popular. A perfect example would be Manchester United vs. Liverpool, both of whom are the most successful clubs in English football. Other rivalries get created in the continental matches where the best international teams come into the field to defeat each other. In these rivalry matches, the impetus of the players is raised to another level.  

3. No Age Limit

One of the best things which definitely separates World football from any other sport. Yes, you heard right! There is no age limit for players to participate in world football and kick everyone out of the pitch. Most world sports and primary American sports have set an age limit for players to enter. For example, the NFL requires its players to be three years after high school while on the other hand, the NBA only allows players one year after high school to enter the game. 

In contrast, world football is open to everyone of any age and this is why this is full of the most successful and talented players. A recent example of this is Raheem sterling of Liverpool and Luke Shaw of Southampton. They made their debut in world football at the age of 17 and turned several people into their fans with their impressive and spectacular performance. 

4. Historical Stadiums

What matters most for the game of football as the stadium in which it is played. Sometimes the match’s durability is also predicted by local fans on the basis of the stadium where it is organised. Even how cheerful fans are will also depend on their experience in the stadium sometimes. In America historic stadiums (built over a century ago) are rare structures that cannot be found easily. But you can find a series or custom for historic football stadiums across Europe and South America. 

Palatial stadiums like Old Trafford, Anfield, Maracana, Camp Nou, Bernabeu and Azteca are some of the renowned historic stadiums which have survived for years. When someone or a football fan enters this wonderful building, a feeling of awe and joyment fill his body. You will rarely find stadiums which have lasted for over 40 years due to sports franchises in the United States. 

5. Promotion

If you are a true fan of football you should know that every league keeps three of its clubs in the top flight which means they are the most successful clubs in that league. It might not sound so big to you but it is a big deal for the club or everything to a club. Clubs are focused on grabbing an opportunity to be promoted to the top flight more than the opportunity to qualify for European places where the top most successful and promoted clubs barely reach. But the question arises from why does this promotion matter so much? What is the benefit? If a club gets promotion to the top flight in a league like English Premier league and La Liga and stays there for just one season, the financial gains and fan recognition will be their forever aid. 

6. Criticism for Ownership

If you take any of the American sports you will see that fans only focus on the owners like Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys but on the contrary fans of world football keep their eyes on every move of the owners as they do not just appreciate them but are prepared to criticize them as well. They do not say anything behind their back but criticize them openly. They confess their disgust with ownership. 

Let’s take an example of 2013 when the large owners like Venky’s, owner of Blackburn rovers and Tom Hicks and George Gillets, who owned Liverpool saw the protest from their fans against them and their ownership. These were two main protests which caught everyone’s eye in the footballing world. It is more likely to happen in world football than the American sports and it makes football fans much better than fans of any other sport. 

7. Transfer Window

It is ordinary for the madness of the transfer window to come to the forefront of the footballing world. The process of transfer is much different in world football than in American football. In American sports there is a free agent policy which is not the same as the one in world football. Of course there are free agents in world football but the most lucrative deals in the transfer window get done from the money that a club gives another club for purchasing its player. One of these big money transfers include Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to La Liga Club Real Madrid, Liverpool’s signing of Andy Carroll and Fernando Torres’s move to Chelsea. 

8. Managers like Alex Ferguson

Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho are not just two most successful managers in the world but are the Bulls of world football. They are a blessing to world football which makes it the best sport in the world. They are the most popular and outspoken managers in world football who make everyone believe every single word that comes out of their mouth. Ferguson, the former manager of Manchester United has always something to say about matches played by his team and the matches that don’t include his club. The two managerial Titans are the life of the world football body. No matter if they continue to manage the game or be in spotlight, they do will always the the shine of world football. After all they are one of the reasons that make football best sport. 

9. Domestic Cup Competitions

In Countries where the football is played, a domestic Cup competition is organised for clubs to compete. It provides them with a domestic stage of showcasing their potential and abilities. But only the clubs of the specific country are allowed to participate in the competition. The most popular domestic Cup we have come across is England’s FA Cup, a tournament in which over 750 clubs from all around the nation come forward to compete for the cup. 

These domestic Cup competitions give the clubs an opportunity of getting promotion to the top flight and play as one of them. Over-all it was gives them a chance to do inconceivable magic and pull off the trigger. These events or records made by the clubs in domestic Cup competition are never forgotten by the fans of football.  

10. Reluctant Nature of Football Governing Bodies

The world has been evolved or in perfect terms technologised. Yes, even sports have now adapted to some technology based play or supervising system except for the world Football. World football is more likely to preserve its traditions by not accepting the technology on which many football fans argue and debate. But this quality of world football is actually what makes it unique. 

The traditionalist Nature of World football make it different from any every other sport in the world. Its reluctant nature towards accepting technology has kept the matches going on without slowing down its pace. This is the best quality of it which will be vanquished once the instant replay is introduced.

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