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World Football: Ranking the Top 10 Players In the World Right Now

Can you imagine that some football players can be ranked in the top 10 players in the world? Yes, we have 10 top players ranked in sequence. But you might think about their present play status after knowing their name. You could have a question about whether they are playing good or bad in present matches or if even playing. Actually, we have tried to balance it with choosing players from the whole period of football. We are here with the list of top 10 football players from the time of the introduction of football till now. We will consider all the talent of the players as best we can. So, are you ready to check out our list of top 10? Before we begin, what is your top 10 players list?World Football

1. Lionel Messi

You must be thinking that Christiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world. Yes, you are right but he is of this generation and you don’t have another player to compare with him. But when we go back into history we see the football star Lionel Messi who was the undefeated best player of his generation. He has won everything at the age of 24 only and if he had a world cup added to his resume, he would have been joined as the greatest player of all time. He is incompatible as he creates possibilities out of nothing and his talent of dribbling at defense is undefeated. His team or individual goals will leave you jaw dropped.

2. Christiano Ronaldo

Here is everyone’s favorite footballer of all time, the one and only Christiano Ronaldo. As of now, he is ranked the greatest footballer in the world but next to Lionel Messi in Football history. He might be sleeping with so many ladies, making records with so many children, annoying, arrogant. He winks and he drives. Apart from all this, his dribbling skills are incredible. He is an amazing footballer and diver. His moves can burn a defender or blow him by his speed. Though we are making fun of him a bit, his brilliance can not be ignored.

3. Xavi

Talking about the best football players in the world and forgetting Xavi? How could it possibly happen? Xavi can not be left out of this list. Xavi is all about slight. He gets a slight edge for his slightly better and more incisive offensive abilities. Nobody can defeat Barcelona in the presence of Xavi. His playing skills are fabulous and he can not be defeated. If he ranks third on this list, there’s gotta be something really huge and different about him.

4. Andres Iniesta

You heard about Xavi, right? But there is another top player of Barcelona champions named Andres Iniesta. If they both are on the top of the game no one can defeat Barcelona or Spain. There was an incident during Barcelona’s Champions League against AC Milan in which Andres got a hamstring injury and Barcelona had to struggle a lot. I think this is enough to show you the power of the playing skills of Andres Iniesta. But he works better with Xavi. Their duo is the life of Barcelona. Nobody can see the upcoming moves or the entire field better than them.

5. Wayne Rooney

It is not that hard to find a more aggressive and dangerous forward than Aguero. Wayne Rooney is in the best state of his career. 25 years old English footballer plays for the Manchester United team and is the best player on the team. The team has played incredibly well in the beginning period of League. The victorious Englishman has scored 9 goals in six premiership matches. What more could you possibly want from him? This is enough for him to make it to this list. 

6. Sergio Aguero

If you are making the list of best players, Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero can never be left out. Sergio is a dangerous forward. The Argentine player has scored eight goals in seven Premier league matches. Along with Nasri, he is the main reason for Manchester City’s high flight to the start of the season. Manchester City’s success is credited to Argentine Sergio Aguero. He tries his best to keep up his form and not let anyone else come to the line. If he manages to keep his form, he will stay on this list. 

7. Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil gives stunning performances for Germany. He is a blessing to Real Madrid and Germany. The player is currently 25 years old and played in the world cup at the age of 21. He set World on fire with his stellar moves in the world cup. It also earned Real Madrid a move where he has managed to keep Kaka out of the line-up with his ability. He is also labeled as German Zindane for his mind-blowing vision and passion. This is good enough for him to make it to the list of best players.

8. David Villa

Other than Xavi and Andres, David Villa is the third player who is going to take Barcelona all over the list. As three outstanding players play for one club. 32 years old David Villa had great success with Braca and Spain. He became the top scorer in 2008 and also won the silver cup in the next world cup in 2010, as Spain won both trophies. He became the top scorer of all time for Spain with 46 goals. After playing in the World Cup he moved to Barcelona in 2010. His moves and runs surpass the ability of defense. The game is the blood, the game is the muscles and the game is the life of his body.

9. Iker Casillas

Iker has been playing as the first-choice goalkeeper for Real Madrid Since his teenage years. He is now 33 and has achieved plenty of success in his career that might seem unbelievable to some people. He also has 4 la Liga titles and two champions League crowns. He has helped Spain win the European championship in 2008 and the world cup trophy in 2010. Casillas is Real Madrid’s first-choice goalkeeper since his recruitment.

10. Samir Nasri

Last but not the least, Samir Nasri tops the list from the bottom and ranks 10 on the best players list. When everybody somewhere knew that Cesc would be leaving during the August transfer window, Arsenal was playing its last season. When Cesc missed all that and lost the form in the last season, Nasri had it all under control. He became a first-class player in 2018. He puts a unique influence on every part and phase of its games. Now he is doing the same thing with Manchester City and putting all of his efforts to make it win. Perhaps this is why the Arsenal fans are angry because they want Samir Nasri to still play the same for Arsenal’s red and white.


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