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Football is the most popular sport in the world. Over the years, more than 200 countries have adopted this beautiful sport, and today social media is overloaded with fan bases. Check out the Top 10 Worst Football Injuries.

Football is a contact sport, thus accidents can happen at any time. In athletics, there is always a risk. Minor injuries are easily treated, but sometimes the severity of the injuries threatens the players’ lives and puts their professional careers in jeopardy.

Football players from various countries have suffered such awful injuries over the years.

 But certain football injuries are so severe that they can be listed among the top ten worst football injuries ever.Football Injury

“Top 10 Worst Football Injuries of All Time”

1. Kieron Dyer’s InjuryKieron Dyer's Injury

Kieron Dyer was a successful English football player who formerly played for Ipswich Town and Newcastle United before joining West Ham United in 2007. Ten days after making his debut for the team, Kieron Dyer was injured in a Carabao Cup encounter against Bristol Rovers. Due to the severity of his wound, Kieron Dyer’s right leg broke in two different places. The impairment persisted in his career until 17 months after his injury. Before retiring, he later played for Queen Park Rangers and Middleborough. In a 2018 Daily Mail piece, he claimed that retiring had been a relief for him.

Gary Mabbutt Injury2. Gary Mabbutt Injury

Gary Mabbutt, a celebrated all-around player who played for Tottenham Hotspurs, had one of the most horrifying injuries in sports. His face, not his leg, was involved. Gary Mabbutt was hurt in a heavy tackle with Wimbledon striker John Fashanu in November 1993 when Fashanu slammed his elbow into Mabbutt’s face. He nearly lost an eye and sustained a cracked skull as a result of the accident. Gary Mabbutt needed two hours of surgery to fix a broken cheekbone and damaged eye socket. After a metal plate was implanted beneath his skin, Mabbutt was forced to wear a plastic mask.

3. Bert Trautmann InjuryBert Trautmann Injury

Bert Trautmann, a superb goalkeeper, took the necessary action to keep the ball out of his goal. The former Manchester City goalkeeper, who represented the team from 1949 until 1964, suffered a neck injury during the 1955–1956 campaign. When Bert Trautmann dove to catch a ball coming his way, he hit Peter Murphy, a player for Birmingham, with his neck. For the rest of the game, he kept playing. But after consulting with specialists about neck issues, an x-ray showed he had fractured the second vertebra and dislocated five vertebrae.

Eduardo da Silva Injury4. Eduardo da Silva Injury

Fans will never quickly forget Eduardo da Silva’s injury, also known as “Dudu.” Martin Taylor, a player for Birmingham, tackled Silva in February 2008 while Silva was representing Arsenal. As a result, Silva suffered a broken left fibula and a dislocated left ankle. He needed to be brought to the hospital right away since the tackle was so bad. He was hurt, but he made a full recovery and kept playing.

5. Federico Mattiello Injury Federico Mattiello Injury 

Federico Mattiello, who was on loan from Juventus to Chievo at the time and was 19 years old, was involved in a tackle against Roma that left him in a terrible condition. On March 8, 2015, during an Italian Serie A game, he collided with Radja Nainggolan of Roma, suffering a fractured leg that required emergency medical attention. He was delivered right away to the hospital.

Petr Cech Injury6. Petr Cech Injury

Petr Cech is renowned for his superb goalkeeping skills and mask, which shields his face and head. Every soccer fan recalls the moment that made Petr Cech famous and that mask an accessory. Petr Cech had an injury in a game against Reading in October 2006 when his head hit Stephen Hunt, a Reading player. When Cech underwent surgery for a depressed skull fracture, it became clear that the wound almost took his life. After healing from the wound, he resumed playing, but this time wearing a mask.

7. Luc Nilis Injury Luc Nilis Injury

Excellent striker Luc Nilis was an Aston Villa player. He was named one of the best attackers to play by football superstar Ronaldo. But in September 2000, he collided with Ipswich Town goalkeeper Richard Wright, ending a promising career. His right shin had two complex fractures as a result of the collision. The injury put an end to Luc Nilis’ career. It was believed that his wound was infected and might need to be amputated. Thankfully, that didn’t occur.

Juan Arango Injury8. Juan Arango Injury

Juan Arango, a football player from Venezuela, played for the La Liga team RCD Mallorca. Juan Arango suffered a broken cheekbone in a collision with Seville midfielder Javi Bavaro during a match against Seville in March 2005. Additionally, he swallowed his tongue and passed out. After healing for a month, he resumed his duties.

9. Patrick Battiston Injury Patrick Battiston Injury

Patrick Battiston, a French football player, is most known for the World Cup semifinal controversy from 1982. West Germany goalie Harald Schumacher hip-struck Battison during a high-contact tackle. As a result, Battison collapsed to the ground unconscious, shattering his vertebra and losing several teeth in the process. The Frenchman, Patrick Battiston, had oxygen treatment right there on the field due to his horrific injury.

Dave Bust Injury10. Dave Bust Injury

David Bust, an English defender, had a career that was abruptly ended by injury. While playing for Coventry, an unpleasant incident happened in April 1996 during a game against Manchester United. The worst soccer injury ever up until this point has been Dave Busst’s. He collided with Brian McClair and Denis Irwin of Manchester United after coming forward after his team’s team won a corner. His right knee suffered a broken tibia and fibula as a result of the incident. The removal of blood from the field caused a nine-minute delay in the game. His damaged tissue developed MRSA. Bust underwent 22 procedures in total. After consulting with a doctor, he decided to retire in 1996.

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